Acupuncture Treatment: What are the Advantages for 6 Diseases? Acupuncture for Refreshing the Mind is More Effective!


Acupuncture is a common method in traditional Chinese medicine for treating diseases. Through the conduction of meridians and acupoints, specific techniques are applied to treat various systemic diseases. It promotes meridian circulation, harmonizes Qi and blood, restores the relative balance of Yin and Yang, and regulates the functions of organs, thereby preventing and treating diseases.

What diseases does acupuncture have advantages in treating?

  1. Hearing Loss and Tinnitus: Acupuncture plays a significant role in treating neurogenic hearing loss and tinnitus. Traditional Chinese medicine attributes sudden hearing loss and tinnitus to excess Liver and Gallbladder heat, focusing on clearing Liver and Gallbladder and promoting ear opening. Chronic hearing loss is often associated with Kidney essence deficiency, emphasizing Liver and Kidney nourishment and calming the spirit.
  2. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder): Acupuncture is used for children with tic disorders and ADHD, conditions considered related to the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, and spleen. Acupoint needling is combined with Chinese herbal medicine in a comprehensive treatment approach.
  3. Wind-Induced Diseases: Acupuncture is applied for facial paralysis caused by external wind and conditions like mental disorders, epilepsy, headaches, and strokes caused by internal wind disturbance. Acupuncture is used to calm the spirit, regulate Qi, and tonify deficiencies, often combined with Chinese herbal medicine.
  4. Pain: Pain is generally caused by Qi stagnation, closely related to Liver Qi stagnation. Treatment focuses on soothing the Liver, regulating Qi, promoting blood circulation, and removing blood stasis. Specific acupoints are selected based on meridian pathways and proximity, using filiform needles, moxibustion, and bloodletting.
  5. Phlegm Syndrome: Phlegm obstruction can block Qi, blood vessels, and meridians, leading to various diseases that are challenging to treat. Acupuncture at Zhongwan, Fenglong, Lieque, Gongsun, and Neiguan points is used for treating mental disorders, epilepsy, dizziness, and strokes.
  6. Emotional Disorders: The spirit is an external manifestation of the physiological functions and pathological states of organs. Treatment focuses on stabilizing the spirit and soothing emotions.

How to nourish the spirit through acupuncture?

  1. Four Shen Formula: Acupuncture at Baihui, Shenmen, Benshen, Sishencong, and Shenting points has a calming and spirit-soothing effect.
  2. Four Guan Formula: Taichong and Hegu points on both sides are crucial for eye care. Proper massage can nourish the liver and improve eyesight.
  3. Five Zang Shu plus Geshu: Moxibustion on Pishu, Ganshu, Shenshu, Xinzhu, Feishu, and Geshu can tonify the five Zang organs and calm the spirit. If finding acupoints is challenging, massaging the auricle directly is an alternative.

Important Reminder: While acupuncture can treat various diseases, attention to details is crucial. Acupuncture is not recommended for individuals under high mental stress, extreme hunger or fullness, or excessive fatigue. Patients with bleeding disorders or uncontrollable bleeding are advised against acupuncture. Avoid needling areas with tumors, scars, skin ulcers, or infections to prevent unforeseen harm.

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