What is the survival time of thyroid cancer?


The survival period of thyroid cancer patients mainly depends on the patient’s condition, treatment and physical fitness. If the patient is diagnosed early, undergoes surgical resection in a timely manner, and undergoes postoperative adjuvant radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other comprehensive treatments, the survival time can usually be prolonged.

1. Early stage: The prognosis of thyroid cancer is relatively good, especially early stage thyroid cancer, and active treatment will generally not affect life span. If the tumor is small and there is no lymph node metastasis or distant metastasis, surgical resection can be considered, such as total resection, near-total resection, etc. treatment is required Postoperative iodine-131 radionuclide to remove residual thyroid tissue and possible micro-metastasis;

2. Mid-term: Patients with mid-term thyroid cancer generally require surgical resection, and whether further iodine-131 radionuclide treatment is needed is determined based on the pathological results. It is also necessary to choose whether to undergo adjuvant treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy based on the patient’s physical condition;3. Late stage: Patients with advanced thyroid cancer have already developed distant metastasis. At this time, it is usually impossible to cure the disease, and the disease progression can only be controlled through drugs. Commonly used drugs include antithyroid drugs such as methimazole tablets and propylthiouracil tablets, as well as chemotherapy drugs such as doxorubicin hydrochloride for injection. For patients with pain symptoms, they can also use analgesics such as ibuprofen sustained-release capsules as directed by their doctor to relieve symptoms.

It is recommended that thyroid cancer patients maintain a good attitude and actively cooperate with treatment under the guidance of doctors. Pay attention to rest at ordinary times, avoid overexertion, pay attention to a balanced diet, and appropriately supplement protein-rich foods.

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