There are 3 places to look at whether the spleen and stomach are good or bad? Give the corresponding conditioning method!


Nowadays, spleen and stomach diseases among young people are becoming more and more complicated. They are generally related to long periods of air conditioning and excessive craving for cold, which allows cold and cold evils to enter the body. It may also be related to lack of exercise, high stress, etc. If you want to know whether the spleen and stomach are healthy, you can judge by observing three parts.

Which parts can be used to judge whether the spleen and stomach are good or bad?

1. Complexion

Under normal circumstances, yellow skin appears bright, moist, and mixed with red. If the skin color is too yellow or appears bluish-black, you need to be alert to spleen and stomach abnormalities. People with spleen deficiency have a yellow complexion. If not treated early, it will lead to skin atrophy, such as yellowing of the cheeks, weight loss and withering of the body. The reason is that the spleen’s body fluid and spleen are insufficient to provide the body with the nutrients it needs. There is also yellow fat, which means the face is yellow and accompanied by deficiency and swelling. The reason is that there is spleen deficiency, dampness, and parasites in the body. Jaundice is a special type characterized by yellowing of the face and the whites of the eyes, and yellowing of the urine. It is common in patients with liver diseases, such as acute viral hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. If the face is obviously yellow and not very bright and moist, it is most likely due to spleen deficiency.

2. Tip of nose

The development of the disease can be understood by observing the tip of the nose. The tip of everyone’s nose is not pointed, but has a small pit. The area around the small pit is the reflection area of ​​the spleen’s physiological functions and pathological changes. When the condition is serious, such as the face turns blue and black without any luster, as long as the tip of the pen appears bright and moist, it indicates that the function of spleen and stomach transportation can be saved, and can be improved through diet therapy and medication. If it turns from black to yellow and becomes bright and moist, it indicates that the spleen and stomach have recovered and the condition has improved.

3. Lips

Observe the lips carefully, especially the white spots around the lips, which are yellow spots and hairless areas around the lips, about one millimeter wide. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen opens to the mouth, and its function lies in the four white areas of the lips and lips. The four white lips are not very obvious, indicating that the function of the spleen and stomach is declining; the dry yellow color indicates that the function of the spleen and stomach is severely declining; the color is black or blue, indicating that there may be a danger to life.

What are the diseases of the spleen and stomach?

1. Defecation disorder

Even if constipation and diarrhea occur alternately, such patients are often accompanied by chills, weight loss, insomnia, cold hands and feet, and night sweats. In this case, you can choose tonic drugs to nourish the spleen and stomach, such as cinnamon and peony.

2. Chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis is characterized by gastric bloating, retching, diarrhea, and poor sleep quality. In this case, pinellia, dried turmeric, turmeric, and skullcap can be used to treat it.

Kind tips

People of every age group must focus on protecting the spleen and stomach, so that they can better absorb nutrients in food, continuously provide energy to the body, and contribute to physical health. People with poor spleen and stomach function need to use traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning under the guidance of a doctor, and are not allowed to take medicine by themselves.

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