Common Misconceptions in Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Practices – Avoid These Pitfalls for a Healthier Lifestyle


As people become increasingly health-conscious, from diet to fitness, the awareness of the benefits of maintaining health has grown. However, it is crucial to choose the right health practices.

What are some common misconceptions in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) health practices?

  1. Combing Hair One Hundred Times Daily

Some believe that combing hair one hundred times a day has a beneficial effect on hair health. However, excessive hair combing can stimulate the scalp to produce excessive sebum, especially for individuals with oily skin and hair. For those with dry hair, combing more frequently is acceptable, preferably using a comb made of natural bristles to avoid hair damage.

  1. Blindly Taking TCM Tonics

Some individuals blindly consume herbal tonics made from traditional Chinese medicine. However, these tonics are formulated based on individual symptoms and characteristics, and not all tonics are suitable for everyone. Ingredients like deer antler, danshen (salvia miltiorrhiza), and ginseng can have adverse effects if not used appropriately.

  1. Prolonged Use of Self-Made Chinese Herbal Remedies

Whether traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine, both can have certain side effects on the body. Medications should be taken based on specific symptoms; otherwise, they may cause damage to the liver and kidneys. Avoid self-prescribing medications, as prolonged use may lead to liver damage or drug-induced hepatitis.

  1. Insulating Tea in Thermos Flasks

If tea leaves are steeped in a thermos flask for an extended period, it can degrade the vitamins in the tea leaves, causing a release of excessive caffeine and tannic acid. Additionally, some components in tea leaves may undergo chemical reactions with the metal coating of the thermos flask. Drinking tea brewed in a thermos flask for an extended period can be harmful to the body, and overnight tea may breed bacteria.

  1. Natural Means the Best

Some believe that as long as health supplements are purely natural, they are beneficial to the body. While highly processed products may have some impact on health, purely natural does not equate to the best. For example, natural aloe vera may cause diarrhea, and consuming untreated daylilies can damage the gastrointestinal tract.

  1. Clearing Old Stool to Detoxify the Intestines

Some believe that detoxifying the body and reducing blood lipids can be achieved by clearing old stool. However, blindly taking certain laxatives may cause diarrhea and even lead to dependence.

Friendly Reminders:

Avoid falling into the above health practice misconceptions. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and urinating regularly. Dedicate an hour each day to aerobic exercise, enhancing both physical fitness and productivity. Manage stress effectively, stay away from high-fat and oily foods, and avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Reduce prolonged sitting time, avoid overeating, eat meals at regular intervals, and cultivate hobbies to shift attention, simultaneously refining one’s character and alleviating stress.


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