What should I do if I am constipated? How to tell if constipation is true?


Constipation is a common clinical complex symptom, not a disease. It mainly refers to reduced defecation frequency, reduced fecal volume, dry and hard feces, and labored defecation.

Faced with this headache problem, many people feel threatened. So how to judge whether it is constipation? How to restore normal bowel movements if you are constipated?

What is constipation?

Constipation is a common clinical symptom and is not an independent disease. Rather, it is a common manifestation of many different illnesses or conditions. The main characteristics of constipation include less frequent bowel movements, reduced stool volume, dry stools, and straining during bowel movements. These symptoms can have a serious impact on a patient’s quality of life, so it’s important to know how to tell if you’re constipated and how to restore normal bowel movements.

How to tell if you have constipation?

Generally speaking, if you have fewer bowel movements than three times a week, or your stool volume is significantly reduced, or your stools are very dry and hard, you may be experiencing constipation. Also, if you have difficulty or straining to have a bowel movement, this is a telltale sign of constipation. However, everyone is different, so if you have any concerns about your bowel movements, it is best to seek professional advice from your doctor.

How to improve constipation in daily life?

First, constipation can be improved by changing dietary habits. Increasing your dietary fiber intake can help soften your stool, making it easier to pass through your intestines. In addition, it is very important to drink enough water, as water can help keep the stool moist.

Secondly, regular physical activity can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and help stool pass through the intestines.

If none of the above methods can effectively improve your constipation symptoms, you can seek help from your doctor. Your doctor may recommend medications to help you regain normal bowel movements. These medications may include laxatives, probiotics, or other types of medications.

Overall, although constipation is a common problem, most people can effectively resolve it through a reasonable diet, appropriate exercise, and necessary medical intervention.

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