Always drowsy? It is very likely caused by this situation!


In today’s society, with the diversified development of aesthetic concepts, people’s acceptance of different face shapes has gradually increased, and personal styles have also shown a diversified trend. As a unique aesthetic orientation, the world-weary face has gained a certain degree of popularity. However, we need to distinguish between real and fake world-weary faces, because some faces that look cold are actually caused by ptosis. This condition manifests as the inability to fully lift the eyelids, giving people a drowsy and lack of energy feeling.

So, what is ptosis?

The upper eyelid refers to the upper eyelid located in front of the eyeball, between the eyebrow arch and the eyelid margin. Ptosis refers to the phenomenon that the upper eyelid cannot be raised normally and some or all of it droops. Mild ptosis may only partially cover the pupil, while severe ptosis may completely cover the pupil. If it is congenital ptosis, it may also cause amblyopia, thus affecting vision. Therefore, ptosis has a great impact on a person’s appearance and quality of life.

To determine whether you have ptosis, you can make a preliminary judgment through the following three methods:

First of all, when you lie in bed and open your eyes, if your eyelids cannot be raised and it is difficult to open your eyes, and your eyes cannot be fully opened, it may be ptosis;

Secondly, when you try to open your eyes as wide as possible, obvious forehead wrinkles will appear;

Finally, the brows are raised to a greater extent when the eyes are opened. Once you find signs of ptosis, you should go to a regular ophthalmology hospital as soon as possible for timely correction.

In addition to affecting appearance, ptosis also has certain potential harms. Covering part of the pupil for a long time will affect the development of vision and lead to vision loss. In addition, because you need to force your eyes to open, forehead lines will form faster and may turn into deep wrinkles over time. At the same time, ptosis may also have a negative impact on mental health, causing people to bear a heavy psychological burden.

For the problem of ptosis, surgery is currently mainly used to correct it.

There are two main surgical methods: one is the levator muscle shortening surgery, which lifts the eyelids by removing part of the levator muscle; the other is the frontalis muscle flap suspension surgery, which uses frontalis muscle contraction to enhance the lifting of the eyelids. muscle function, allowing the eyes to open wider.

In short, the problem of ptosis cannot be ignored and should be corrected in time to protect vision and quality of life. Eyes are the windows to the soul and we should cherish and take good care of them.

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