Get rid of stubborn eye problems easily! The patient said: I wish I could have been treated earlier.


When dry eyes and itchy eyes occur, many people think that they are overusing their eyes and suffering from eye fatigue. In fact, this is most likely caused by mites hiding on the eyelashes. Sister Lai, who is in her sixties, has been “entangled” with mites for more than ten years.

Sister Lai works at home on weekdays, and her eyes have always been dry, itchy, red, and painful. Over time, she seems to have “peacefully coexisted” with these symptoms and did not really pay attention to them. Every time she feels uncomfortable, she just tolerates it and passes it by. One day last year, my son-in-law saw her eyes were red and she couldn’t stop crying, so he proposed to take her to a professional eye medical institution.

An examination by Lin Wenqi, Director of the Department of Comprehensive Ophthalmology , revealed that Sister Lai had some secretions at the root of her eyelashes, congested eyelid margins, and more fat plugs in the openings of the meibomian glands. It was considered that there might be mites – because mites have been parasitic in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands at the root of the eyelashes for a long time. , which affected the lipid secretion of the meibomian glands and induced dry eye syndrome , so she suffered from dryness and itching of the eyes.

Sure enough, under the electron microscope, the mites in Sister Lai’s eyes had nowhere to hide – five in each eye! “Yeah! They kept squirming, which scared me!” Sister Lai’s face changed. She never thought that worms could grow in eyes!

Since Sister Lai’s illness lasted nearly twenty years, the delay was too long and the treatment took a relatively long time. Director Lin Wenqi accurately treated Sister Lai. After three times of intense pulsed light + mite removal treatment, the mites in her eyes disappeared, the redness and itching symptoms were relieved, and she still has a slight foreign body sensation. She kept talking to her family: “If I had known, I should have come earlier, and I wouldn’t have had to suffer for so many years…”


According to Director Lin Wenqi, about half of the patients who receive eye discomfort symptoms such as dry eyes and itchy eyes on a daily basis are found to have mites on their eyelashes. Moreover, middle-aged and elderly people with poor resistance are the “preferred” groups for eye mites.

Mite infection can lead to blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction, dry and red eyes, itchy eyes, and repeated loss of eyelashes. It is not only dry eye , but if left unchecked, it may also lead to blepharitis, conjunctivitis , and trichiasis ocular surface diseases such as , and even cause corneal ulcers or corneal perforation, leading to blindness. In view of the fact that many people still know nothing about eye mites, Director Lin Wenqi said that there is indeed a need to increase science popularization efforts in this regard to let more people understand the harm mites bring to eye health.

Director Lin Wenqi emphasized that the treatment of dry eye syndrome requires a process, and patients must face it with sufficient patience and positivity. In addition, dry eye syndrome has various causes. When symptoms such as dry eyes and itching occur, do not use eye drops, eye washes, etc. containing preservatives, otherwise the condition may be aggravated. The correct approach is to go to a regular medical institution for examination as soon as possible to determine whether it is caused by mites, and follow the doctor’s advice for treatment.

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