What to do if hemorrhoids bleed in the stool? Will it heal on its own?


Hemorrhoids and stool bleeding are a common symptom, usually related to factors such as constipation, poor diet and lifestyle habits. to take timely and effective measures to relieve symptoms and prevent complications Although hemorrhoidal bleeding in the stool can heal on its own to a certain extent, it is very important . This article will introduce in detail the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids and stool bleeding.

ooYBAGWbr9eAPW2WAAHKrFOmOGg8621. Causes of hemorrhoids and stool bleeding

1. Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids refer to the anus the abnormal expansion and varicose disease of the venous plexus around . Hemorrhoids are divided into internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids are more likely to cause bleeding in the stool.

2. Constipation: Constipation is one of the common causes of hemorrhoids and bleeding stools. Prolonged constipation can cause dry and hard stools, increase friction and pressure during defecation, and cause hemorrhoids to bleed .

3. Anal inflammation: Anal inflammation, infection, etc. can also cause hemorrhoids and stool bleeding.

4. Anal tumors: Anal tumors, polyps, etc. may also cause bleeding in the stool and require attention.

2. Symptoms of hemorrhoids and stool bleeding

The main symptoms of hemorrhoidal bleeding in the stool are bright red blood stains during defecation, which may be accompanied by pain, itching, swelling, etc. Specific symptoms vary from individual to individual, and some patients may have no obvious symptoms.

3. Treatment of hemorrhoids and bleeding stools

1. Adjust living habits: maintain a regular schedule and avoid sitting, standing or overexerting for long periods of time. To keep bowel movement smooth and avoid constipation, eat more fiber-rich foods, such as vegetables, fruits, etc.

oYYBAGWbr9eAJyHPAAB9nzXU7n41582. Drug treatment: For mild hemorrhoids with stool bleeding, some drugs can be used to relieve symptoms. Such as oral drugs (such as anti-inflammatory analgesics, laxatives, etc.), hemorrhoid cream, suppositories, etc. Always follow your doctor’s advice before using medications.

3. Sitz bath: Sitz bath can help reduce local congestion and inflammation of hemorrhoids, and relieve pain and bleeding. You can add an appropriate amount of salt or medicine to warm water and take a sitz bath for 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

4. Diet conditioning: Maintain a balanced diet and avoid spicy, greasy and other irritating foods. Eat more fiber-rich foods to facilitate intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation.

5. Surgical treatment: For patients with severe and recurring hemorrhoids, surgical treatment may be considered. There are many surgical methods, such as traditional surgery, minimally invasive surgery, etc. The specific surgical method needs to be determined based on the patient’s condition and the doctor’s recommendations.

4. Prevention of hemorrhoids and stool bleeding

1. Develop good defecation habits: avoid forcing yourself to defecate for a long time and maintain correct defecation posture. If you have constipation symptoms, you should treat them promptly to prevent hemorrhoids from bleeding.

2. Adjust your diet: Maintain a balanced diet and eat more fiber-rich foods to facilitate intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation.

3. Keep the anus clean: After each bowel movement, clean the anus in time to avoid bacterial infection.

4. Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time: maintain appropriate exercise and rest to avoid overexertion.

5. Prevent anal inflammation: If you have symptoms such as anal inflammation and infection, you should treat it in time to prevent hemorrhoids from bleeding.

Hemorrhoids and stool bleeding can heal on their own to a certain extent, but it is very important to take timely and effective treatment and preventive measures. If you have any doubts, please consult a professional doctor to develop an appropriate treatment plan based on your individual condition.

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