Explanation of various types of men’s dietary and health care methods and practices


In this era, both young and old are beginning to pay attention to health care. Everyone has their own health care methods, and men also have their own routines for health care. Today, will introduce various types of male health care methods to you. Which one is suitable for you?

Muscular Man – Dietary Recipe for Strengthening the Spleen and Nourishing the Stomach

As men, we all want to have a strong body, and plump muscles are naturally the best weapon to show off our masculine charm. But modern people often make it difficult for men to realize this dream due to lack of exercise and unscientific diet. In addition to increasing targeted equipment exercises, men hope to gain ideal muscles through certain nutrients such as protein, but the results are often unsatisfactory. This is because protein intake also varies from person to person. If the spleen and stomach are not good, no matter how much protein is consumed, the body cannot fully absorb and use it. Unused protein aggravates abnormal kidney metabolism and is harmful to the kidneys.

Recommended secret recipe: three-flavor porridge for strengthening the spleen and nourishing the kidneys

Ingredients: 15 grams of Atractylodes macrocephala, 10 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 20 grams of wolfberry, and 250 grams of white rice.

Method: Boil Atractylodes macrocephala and Shouwu multiflorum in a pot, take it out after a period of time, and simmer the soup with wolfberry and rice until the flavor is absorbed.

Efficacy: Strengthen the spleen and kidneys, and strengthen muscles. Atractylodes is easy to replenish qi and spleen, Shouwu can nourish the kidneys, blood, brain, black hair, and calm the mind, and wolfberry can nourish blood and kidneys. Drinking before adding protein will help better absorption of nutrients.

The Cup-Greedy Man – Dietary Recipe to Care for the Heart and Liver

There are two types of men who are greedy for drinking. One type is driven by work needs and cannot do without drinking. They often use drinking as a means to entertain customers and have no alcohol addiction themselves. But over time, you may develop fatty liver or alcoholic liver disease. The other kind of people are addicted to alcohol, and they will drink whenever they can, and they like the pleasure of being drunk and dreaming of death. This is a high-risk group for alcoholic cirrhosis, which can lead to death in severe cases.

Recommended secret recipe: Schisandra porridge

Ingredients: 10 grams of Schisandra chinensis, 100 grams of rice.


Method: Simmer rice and Schisandra chinensis together.

Efficacy: Schisandra chinensis can nourish the liver and kidneys. Rice can protect the liver and stomach. Eating after drinking can reduce the damage to the liver caused by large amounts of alcohol.

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