With the combination of “3 elements”, the risk of cancer is greatly reduced? “2 Eat 1 Move” to effectively prevent cancer!


Nowadays, the incidence rate of cancer is getting higher and higher, and people of every age group are not immune. Therefore, daily preventive measures should be taken, mainly starting from diet and exercise. Studies have found that proper supplementation of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin D, coupled with appropriate strength training, can reduce the risk of cancer.

How to effectively prevent cancer?

1. Supplement vitamin D

Studies have found that vitamin D can regulate cell proliferation and differentiation, and effectively inhibit tumor growth. Vitamin D is relatively safe in a wide range, but it must be taken in an appropriate amount. Due to the impact of chronic diseases or lack of sunlight exposure, many people are deficient in vitamin D. This nutrient can be obtained from animal liver, milk and cheese, egg yolks and deep-sea fish; you can also get appropriate exposure to the sun, which is beneficial to the synthesis of vitamin D. For healthy people, if they follow a healthy diet and engage in moderate outdoor activities, they will not be deficient in vitamin D. Children who are in the growing period, people with osteoporosis, and the elderly may have insufficient intake or high demand. , additional vitamin D supplementation is required, with a daily intake of 600 to 800 units. For ordinary people, the maximum tolerated range of vitamin D per day is 4,000 international units, so supplementation should be appropriate.

2. Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids

Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids can inhibit inflammatory responses, reduce angiogenesis, and effectively induce cancer cell apoptosis. To supplement this nutrient, food supplements are preferred. In addition to olive oil, flaxseed oil and deep-sea fish, you can also get it from dark vegetables and nuts such as kale, perilla and spinach. The daily intake of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids for adults should reach more than 500 mg. Cancer patients and pregnant women need to supplement this nutrition as directed by their doctor.

3. Strength training

The higher the muscle content of the elderly, the stronger their overall anti-cancer ability. Even if they unfortunately suffer from cancer, the overall survival rate is relatively high. Therefore, they should do more strength training, such as step training, shoulder lateral rotation, back pull resistance training, Standing on one leg, sitting and standing, etc. The elderly have weak legs and feet. They should focus on exercising the triceps, quadriceps and gluteus maximus muscles of the calves to strengthen the strength of the lower limbs. This can effectively resist falls. On a daily basis, muscle strength can be improved by raising heels, squatting against the wall, and glute bridges. . Frail elderly people should reduce the amount of exercise as appropriate and adopt the principle of gradual progress.

Kind tips

In daily life, you should have a diversified diet, with a reasonable mix of meat and vegetables; make sure that three meals a day are regular and quantified, and eat fresh food. The food you eat should be thoroughly cooked, and try not to eat overnight dishes. Maintain moderate exercise, each exercise should last for more than 30 minutes, at least 3 times a week. Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and go to the hospital for regular physical examinations.

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