Will children with weak mycoplasma positivity recover on their own?


Whether children with weak mycoplasma positivity can heal on their own depends on their own condition. If the condition is mild, there is a possibility of spontaneous recovery, but most children require medication.

Reasons for self-healing of weakly positive mycoplasma in children:

A weak positive result for mycoplasma in children indicates that the child may be infected with mycoplasma. Common mycoplasmas include Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Ureaplasma urealyticum, etc. If the child is in a good mental state and does not have symptoms such as fever and cough after being infected with mycoplasma, the mycoplasma can be killed through his own immunity. Destroy and achieve self-healing. However, if you usually have poor immune function and develop symptoms such as fever, cough, and sputum after being infected with mycoplasma, and your symptoms are severe and your mental state is poor, it is generally difficult to recover on your own. You need to go to the hospital in time to pass a blood test to determine the type of mycoplasma. And follow the doctor’s advice to use azithromycin dry suspension, roxithromycin granules and other drugs for treatment.

Precautions for weakly positive mycoplasma in children:

During the treatment period, nursing measures need to be taken, windows should be opened frequently for ventilation indoors, and gatherings in crowded places should be avoided to avoid cross-infection. In terms of diet, give your child more light foods and more fresh vegetables, but avoid eating high-fat and high-salt foods, which are detrimental to the recovery of the disease.


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