What causes old people to sneeze and how to deal with it?


What about old people sneezing?

Sneezing in the elderly may be due to nasal allergies, colds, nasal infections, drug side effects, etc.

1. Nasal allergies: Due to reduced immunity, the elderly often react to some allergens, such as pollen, dust, etc. These substances enter the nasal cavity, irritate the nasal mucosa, and cause sneezing.

2. Cold: The immune system of the elderly is relatively fragile and susceptible to virus infection, especially when the climate changes. Sneezing is one of the common symptoms of a cold.

3. Nasal infection: If the nasal cavity of the elderly is infected by bacteria, such as sinusitis, rhinitis, etc., it will cause excessive mucus in the nasal cavity, irritate the nasal cavity, and cause sneezing.

4. Drug side effects: Elderly people may have allergic reactions due to taking drugs. Some drug side effects can cause allergic symptoms, including sneezing.

5. Other reasons: When the elderly use detergents, cosmetics and other chemicals, some may be allergic to the ingredients, which may also cause sneezing.

Specific situations also require comprehensive judgment and diagnosis based on medical history, physical examination and other relevant examination results. If an elderly person sneezes frequently or has other uncomfortable symptoms, it is recommended to seek professional medical help in time.


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