【Drug name】Common name: Acetaminophen tablets

[Ingredients] Acetaminophen 0.5g. The excipients are: pregelatinized starch, dextrin, hypromellose, thiourea, magnesium stearate, sodium carboxymethyl starch, calcium carbonate, and sodium lauryl sulfate.

[Character] This product is white tablets

【Function Indications】

Analgesic and antipyretic. It is used for fever caused by the common cold or influenza, and for the relief of mild to moderate pain such as headache, joint pain, migraine, toothache, muscle pain, neuralgia, and dysmenorrhea.

[Usage and Dosage] Take orally. Children aged 6-12 years old take 0.5 tablets at a time; children over 12 years old and adults take 1 tablet at a time. If fever or pain persists, the medication can be repeated at intervals of 4-6 hours, and no more than 4 times in 24 hours.

[Adverse reactions] Occasionally, rash, urticaria, drug fever and neutropenia may occur. Long-term use of large amounts of drugs can lead to abnormal liver and kidney function.

【Taboo】Contraindicated in patients with severe liver and kidney dysfunction.


1. This product is a symptomatic treatment drug. It should be used for antipyretic for no more than 3 days and for pain relief for no more than 5 days. If the symptoms are not relieved, please consult a doctor or pharmacist.

2. People allergic to aspirin should use with caution.

3. Do not take other medicines containing antipyretic and analgesics at the same time.

4. Use with caution in patients with liver and kidney dysfunction.

5. Pregnant and lactating women should use with caution.

6. Do not drink alcohol or drinks containing alcohol while taking this product.

7. People who are allergic to this product should not use it, and people with allergies should use it with caution.

8. It is forbidden to use this product when its properties change.

9. Please keep this product out of reach of children.

10. Children must use it under adult supervision.

11. If you are using other drugs, please consult your physician or pharmacist before using this product.

【medicine interactions】

1. For patients who use barbiturates (such as phenobarbital) or antispasmodics (such as belladonna), long-term use of this product may cause liver damage.

2. Taking this product together with chloramphenicol can enhance the toxicity of the latter.

3. Drug interactions may occur if used together with other drugs. Please consult your physician or pharmacist for details.

【Storage】Seal and store.


[Validity period] 36 months


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