What are the benefits of eating ginger? What are the precautions for eating ginger?


Ginger is a common seasoning and a traditional Chinese medicinal material. It has the effects of warming the body, promoting blood circulation, and enhancing immunity. What are the benefits of eating ginger? What are the precautions for eating ginger?

1. What are the benefits of eating ginger?

1. Expel wind and cold

Ginger contains volatile oil, gingerol and other ingredients, which can promote blood circulation in the human body, stimulate the nervous system and excite it, help dispel wind and cold, and strengthen the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic

The active ingredients in ginger have the same pain-relieving properties as commonly used analgesics. Therefore, if you have dysmenorrhea, muscle pain, or joint pain, you can drink some ginger tea appropriately to help relieve it.

3. Dispel wind and cool down

Colds can be divided into wind-cold and wind-heat. If it is a cold caused by wind-cold, drinking ginger soup can help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of the cold. However, if it is a cold caused by wind-heat, it may make the condition more serious and it is not suitable to drink ginger soup. .

2. What are the precautions for eating ginger?

1. Don’t eat bad or sprouted ginger

Rotten ginger will produce a large amount of safrole, which may induce liver cancer and esophageal cancer in serious cases, posing a great threat to health.


If ginger sprouts, it will consume its own nutrients. Ginger sprouts will reduce its nutritional value, and it is easy to rot and produce toxic substances.

2. Ginger cannot be used when treating wind-heat cold and summer-heat cold.

Ginger brown sugar water is suitable for colds and can also treat fever and cold sensitivity. Ginger should not be used to treat wind-heat colds and summer-heat colds. Ginger juice can treat vomiting caused by colds, but has no effect on vomiting caused by other factors.

3. Don’t eat too much ginger

Eat in moderation, don’t eat too much. Otherwise, it will make people feel very thirsty and cause sore throat. Especially in summer, when the weather is hot and dry, eating too much ginger will make people feel more uncomfortable.


4. Don’t eat ginger at night

The human body should be in a resting state at night to facilitate the repair and recovery of body functions. As an ingredient rich in yang energy, ginger may increase brain excitement and affect sleep quality if consumed at night.

Eating ginger has the benefits of dispelling wind and cold, reducing inflammation and analgesia, dispelling wind and cooling, etc. It is recommended not to eat bad, sprouted ginger, not to eat too much ginger, not to eat ginger at night, and not to use ginger when suffering from wind-heat cold and summer heat cold. .

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