The efficacy and magical uses of sea cucumber


Sea cucumber is the collective name for several small fish species that live in warm seas of the order Acanthophoridae. It is a small marine animal with a body length of 5 to 30 centimeters. It is named because its head is bent at almost a right angle to the body. The head is horse-shaped and forms an angle with the body. The snout is long and tubular, the mouth is small, and there is one dorsal fin, both of which are composed of rays. The eyes can move independently. Seahorses are slow-moving, but they can very efficiently capture copepods that are fast-moving and good at hiding. They are distributed in the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, the Pacific, and Australia.

【Growth distribution】

Mainly produced in Liaoning, Fujian, Guangdong and other places.

[meridian distribution of nature and flavor]

It is warm in nature and salty in taste. Guixin, kidney meridian.

【Main source】

This product is the whole body of sea cucumbers or other species of sea cucumbers of the family Apostichopus.

【Morphological characteristics】

The body is long and cylindrical, with a flat ventral surface, yellowish brown or auburn; the backside is yellowish brown or chestnut brown; the mouth is at the front end, and the genital pore is located at the mastoid process.

【Harvesting and Processing】

After catching, the internal organs are removed, the sediment in the cavity is washed, cooked and dried in the sun.

【Character identification】

The body is long and cylindrical; the ventral surface is flat; yellowish brown or russet.

【Function Indications】

Sea cucumber has the effects of nourishing kidneys and essence, nourishing blood and moistening dryness. It can mainly treat deficiency of essence and blood, weakness, timidity, and impotence.


Decoction, cook or make balls.

【Usage Note】

Use with caution in those with yin deficiency and excessive fire, or with external symptoms.

[Miraculous use of folk remedies]

1. Treat deficiency of fire and dryness: sea cucumber and fungus (cut into pieces), add them to pig intestine and cook them.

2. Treat dysentery: decoction sea cucumber and take it daily.

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