How is amblyopia formed, and how to prevent amblyopia and protect eyesight?


Amblyopia refers to a child’s condition due to strabismus (one eye is tilted to one side), refractive errors (i.e. myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc.) or form deprivation (inability to lift eyelids, cataracts, corneal opacity, etc.) Failure to develop sufficiently during the visual development period results in the best corrected visual acuity being lower than the normal level or the visual acuity of the two eyes differing by more than 2 lines, which is classified as amblyopia.

Amblyopia is nothing more than these disease factors. Master the easy prevention to protect your eyesight.

1. Caused by strabismus and incorrect eye position. The reason for these two points may be that strabismus occurs after being greatly frightened in life, which then manifests symptoms of amblyopia. In addition, it may also be symptoms of amblyopia caused by incorrect eye position caused by congenital inheritance.

2. Blocking type. For patients with occlusion amblyopia, congenital cataracts and ptosis may still occur during the growth and development of the child. The light in the eyes needs to be blocked, which can easily cause amblyopia.

3. Refractive error. Binocular amblyopia usually occurs in people with high hyperopia or high astigmatism in both eyes. It is mainly caused by blurred images of objects on the retinas of both eyes.

4. Form deprivation amblyopia. During the critical period of visual development, the vision of the affected eye decreases due to opacity of the refractive stroma, such as corneal leukoplakia or congenital cataract, ptosis, eyelid hemangioma, etc.

5. Shape deprivation amblyopia, such as cataracts or strabismus, the eyes are unable to see objects clearly, so amblyopia is formed.

The above are the 5 most common disease factors that can cause amblyopia. You need to make appropriate corrections in life, pay attention to wearing glasses to improve the symptoms of amblyopia, and explore a reasonable combination of diet.

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