What are the 8 causes of low blood sugar?


There are no “8 reasons” for hypoglycemia. The main considerations are related to malnutrition, physical exertion, insulin deficiency, improper treatment of diseases, and severe liver disease.

1. Malnutrition: Long-term fasting or insufficient diet, especially dieting during weight loss, may cause lower blood sugar levels in the body due to malnutrition.

2. Excessive physical exertion: Excessive physical exertion and failure to replenish carbohydrates in time may cause hypoglycemia.

3. Insulin deficiency: If there is a lack of insulin in the body, it may lead to symptoms of hypoglycemia.

4. Improper disease treatment: Especially for diabetic patients, excessive use of hypoglycemic drugs may cause hypoglycemia.

5. Severe liver disease: Liver diseases such as severe hepatitis, cirrhosis, and advanced liver cancer may affect the synthesis and decomposition of glycogen, further leading to symptoms of hypoglycemia.

It is recommended that patients should go to a regular hospital as soon as possible after experiencing symptoms of hypoglycemia and cooperate with the doctor for targeted examination and treatment. At the same time, maintain good living and eating habits to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia.



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