Does a gallstone of 14mm require surgery?


If, in daily life, there is excessive intake of refined foods or high-cholesterol foods, it can be a cause of gallstones. Additionally, individuals with a family history of gallstones are more prone to developing them. Therefore, attention should be paid to dietary habits, including consuming foods rich in fiber and vitamins, while reducing the intake of fried and sweet foods. Regular physical activity should also be maintained. Now, let’s address the question of whether surgery is needed for a 14mm gallstone.

For a gallstone with a diameter of 14mm, clinical practice suggests that surgical treatment is necessary. Otherwise, patients with gallstones may experience corresponding clinical symptoms, with the most common being pain in the upper right abdomen. In severe cases, patients may also develop gallbladder infections. Moreover, it should be emphasized that some patients may experience clinical symptoms such as abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting, fever, and jaundice.

Therefore, once gallstones occur, they can significantly impact the patient’s physical health. Timely surgical treatment is a good choice for patients. It is recommended that patients opt for minimally invasive surgery, which allows for faster recovery and reduces surgical trauma. After surgery, patients typically have a good prognosis, and regular follow-up examinations are needed for monitoring, contributing to the overall improvement of health.

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