How to confirm whether your child has mycoplasma infection


When suspecting Mycoplasma infection in a child, confirmation can be done through symptoms, blood tests, chest X-rays, and other methods. If the child is experiencing discomfort, it is advisable not to delay treatment and seek medical attention promptly.

Methods for confirming Mycoplasma infection:

  1. Symptoms: Mycoplasma infection primarily invades the respiratory tract and lungs. Symptoms may include fever, sore throat, fatigue, headache, cough, and others. If the child exhibits these symptoms, Mycoplasma infection may be present, but this method has a relatively low accuracy.
  2. Blood tests: After Mycoplasma infection, the blood may contain antigens and antibodies related to the infection. Blood can be drawn at a hospital for serological examination to determine the presence of Mycoplasma infection. Diagnosis can also be made through a routine blood test, where white blood cell count may be normal or slightly elevated.
  3. Chest X-ray examination: A chest X-ray can be performed to check for infiltrative shadows in the lungs, which may have a segmental distribution. It can also reveal the presence of pleural effusion.

Precautions for Mycoplasma infection:

Mycoplasma infection requires diagnosis by a doctor based on medical history, clinical symptoms, imaging findings, and other factors. It is recommended to follow the doctor’s advice for examinations and, once confirmed, actively cooperate with the treatment.


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