Whether men are aging or not, the “lower body” will tell the truth. If you miss one, congratulations, you are still strong.


Those who actively take care of their bodies should learn about the methods of anti-aging and keep themselves young through scientific anti-aging. They will age slower than their peers. Having a healthy body and maintaining a good state will be beneficial to many people. Disease prevention is beneficial, but don’t think aging is unimportant. In addition, signals will be sent out during the aging process. Some men are aging faster, and their lower body will tell the truth, which needs to be paid attention to.


1. Loss of sexual desire

Men who suffer from loss of sexual desire and sexual function and are unable to function well and complete tasks during subsequent sexual life indicate that they are aging. Because most men experience endocrine changes when aging accelerates, the amount of male hormones secreted by the body decreases, which is not enough to maintain normal sexual desire. There will be decreased sexual desire, decreased sexual ability, etc. Some people also face erectile dysfunction and ejaculation dysfunction. wait.

If you have these troubles, you must actively fight against aging and use correct endocrine regulation to secrete the male hormones needed by the male body regularly, so that you can perform well in subsequent married life and avoid a significant decline in sexual ability that affects normal life.

2. Weak legs and feet

Men should observe their lower body. If there are changes in the legs and feet, decreased bone function, etc., it means that they are no longer young. When you are young and strong, and when you are in good condition and your joints and bones are healthy, you will find that your body is flexible and relaxed, and you can do daily activities and exercise without problems.

However, due to the accelerated effects of aging, bones in certain parts will wear out, and subsequent local activities will be restricted. If there are joint lesions that cause trouble, local pain will occur, so the walking speed will be slow, the exercise ability will become worse, and the legs and feet will not be able to move properly. People’s staggering steps and abnormal walking postures are all related to aging or are early warnings of certain diseases. In addition to anti-aging, diseases should be discovered and dealt with early.

3. Rough skin

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. You should pay more attention to the changes in your skin. Sometimes the skin will change as aging accelerates. When you are young, your skin is smooth and delicate, and it looks shiny. With aging, skin cells lose moisture, their metabolism slows down, and free radicals are produced in large quantities. After the impact, the skin will become dry and rough, and the skin will not remain smooth to the touch. Coupled with the loss of nutrients, the muscle mass of the legs is reduced, making the calves and thighs look less developed.

If men already have these aging characteristics, they should develop a variety of good habits to slow down the pace of aging and keep their bodies strong.

It can be seen that many changes are actually warnings. As aging brings many effects, men often have characteristics such as decreased sexual function, unfavorable legs and feet, and changes in the skin condition of the legs.



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