Why do thin people also have fatty liver?


Fatty liver is not a right for obese people. Even people who are not obese may still suffer from fatty liver (lean fatty liver). The reasons are as follows:

1. Fatty liver is fatty degeneration of the liver, which means a large amount of fat accumulates in the liver. Therefore, the person may be very thin, but a lot of fat is stored in the liver, which may also lead to fatty liver.

2. Unhealthy diet: For example, if you like to drink alcohol, alcohol itself will damage the liver and cause fatty degeneration of the liver, or if you like to eat too much sugar and fried foods, a large amount of fat will directly damage the liver and lead to fatty liver.

3. Metabolic problems: Insulin resistance occurs, and severe inflammation of the liver can also damage the liver, causing a large amount of fat to accumulate in the liver, resulting in fatty liver.

Therefore, thin people sometimes need to be reminded to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, such as a balanced diet and regular exercise, so as to prevent fatty liver. If fatty liver also appears at this time, reasonable treatment is also required to ensure that it does not endanger the patient’s health.


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