Do symptoms of redness and swelling occur after a PPD skin test for pulmonary tuberculosis?


A PPD skin test for pulmonary tuberculosis generally refers to the tuberculin skin test. Typically, after the tuberculin skin test, there may be symptoms such as local redness and pain.

  1. No Symptoms: If an individual has good health and low sensitivity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis, there may not be significant discomfort during the tuberculin skin test. Therefore, there is usually no need to be overly concerned, and no special treatment is required.
  2. Symptomatic Cases:
    • Local Redness: During the tuberculin skin test, tuberculin is injected into the skin, and the results are observed after waiting for approximately 48 hours. If there is local redness during this period, accompanied by mild itching, it is considered a normal physiological reaction. The condition can be improved by rinsing the affected area with water or alleviated by applying a cold compress with an ice pack.
    • Pain: The tuberculin skin test may cause irritation to local tissues, leading to pain and other adverse reactions. Massaging the area can help alleviate the symptoms after the drug is absorbed.

In addition, some patients may experience induration (hardening), blistering, and even fever. If the body temperature exceeds 37.5°C, under the guidance of a doctor, medications such as ibuprofen sustained-release capsules or acetaminophen tablets can be taken for treatment. It is advisable to maintain a balanced diet in daily life and avoid consuming spicy and irritating foods.

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