Note that those foods that you always thought were “low in calories” are exactly the accomplices of your gaining weight.


Delicious food has always been a stumbling block on the road to weight loss. Many people are getting fatter just because they can’t control their mouths and love all kinds of delicious food. I am obviously determined to lose weight, but when I see that I can’t stop eating, I sometimes feel that I can just take a small bite to satisfy my cravings, but I don’t know that it is out of control. The more calories I take in, the easier it is to gain weight. There are many foods that are thought to be very low in calories, which are the accomplices of gaining weight. You must learn to choose them.


1. There are various added cereals

Many foods are the accomplices of gaining weight. Eating large amounts for a long time may lead to obesity, especially cereals with various added ingredients. Some people like to eat oatmeal because they feel full and nutritious. It can provide dietary fiber, reduce the intake of other refined foods, and obtain vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, thereby enhancing their physical fitness.

However, pure oatmeal does not taste good and tastes rough. Therefore, the oatmeal that many people buy is finely processed, tastes sweet and appeals to the taste buds, and also contains various dried fruits and nuts, so its calories are high. If you become very tall and eat large amounts for a long time, you will easily become fatter.

2. Fried vegetarian meat

Some people know that eating meat will make you obese, because most meat foods are high in calories and rich in fat, so they choose vegetarian meat. However, the raw material of vegetarian meat is soy products. Many food additives and various seasonings are added during the production of soy products to make them more attractive. Invisibly, these additions will increase the calories of vegetarian meat.

Some vegetarian meats carry a lot of fat after being fried. If you indulge yourself in a large amount, the energy provided will not be consumed in time. It is just a diet control, but too little exercise will still lead to weight gain, which is the main reason why many people are getting fatter. .

3. High-sugar yogurt

Many people think that yogurt is low in calories. Drinking yogurt not only promotes intestinal health and supplements probiotics, but also obtains the protein and calcium in yogurt, thereby enhancing resistance and supplementing calcium.

However, there are many types of yogurt to choose from. Pure yogurt does not taste good. There are a wide variety of yogurts on the market. Most yogurts are sweeter to suit the taste of the public. A lot of sugar is added to them, and some are nut yogurts. , some are fruit-flavored yogurts. Yogurts rich in additives are actually higher in calories and are not low-calorie foods. If you want to control your weight, you cannot drink large amounts for a long time.

After understanding the above content, we can find that the reason why many people are obese is that they cannot control their mouths. The foods they choose are high in calories. The more they eat, the easier it is to become obese. Excessive obesity will pose a threat to health, and many diseases are high, including joints. Lesions, chronic diseases, fatty liver, etc. If you want to control your weight, you must first understand the calorie content of food and achieve reasonable diet control. Eat less high-calorie foods, have a regular schedule, and strengthen exercise. Only with normal metabolism and timely consumption of calories can you maintain a normal weight.

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