What should a man do if his urine suddenly turns red but does not hurt?


The sudden redness of men’s urine without pain may be related to factors such as excessive exercise, poor diet, urinary system stones, etc. Treatment methods include general treatment, drug treatment, surgical treatment, etc.

1. Excessive exercise

For people who usually lack exercise, sudden strenuous exercise may increase the burden on the kidneys, causing red blood cells to be filtered out, making the urine red. Since there is no organic disease, there is no pain.

You should pay attention to rest and maintain moderate physical exercise, such as walking, jogging, etc., and avoid high-intensity exercise to reduce irritation and relieve hematuria.

2. Bad diet

If you eat a large amount of pigment-containing foods such as red dragon fruit and beets at one time, it may cause urine staining and pseudohematuria, which is usually not accompanied by pain.

Patients should adjust their diet appropriately to maintain a balanced nutrition, eat more spinach, celery and other light and nutritious foods, and avoid overeating a certain food, which will help strengthen their physical fitness and reduce the occurrence of abnormalities.

3. Urinary system stones

Such as kidney stones, bladder stones, etc. When the stones move, they may cause certain irritation to the urinary tract mucosa, leading to blood leakage and hematuria. If the stimulation is mild, you may not feel any obvious pain.

For stones smaller than 6mm, you can drink more warm water and flush them with urine to help them pass out of the body. At the same time, you can also use tamsulosin, atropine, diclofenac sodium, anisodamine and other drugs for treatment as directed by your doctor, which can relieve urinary tract smooth muscle spasm and edema and promote stone discharge. If the stone is large and difficult to pass by itself, surgical treatment may be considered, such as ureteroscopic lithotomy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, etc.

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