These 5 behaviors really damage the kidneys


For good health, everyone knows that you need to drink eight cups of boiled water every day, and the electric kettle is one of the essential appliances in almost every household . When you want to drink water, you can boil a pot with an electric kettle. It can be said to be very convenient.

But recently, rumors like this have appeared on the Internet: “The water boiled in electric kettles contains heavy metals exceeding the standard, and drinking it regularly will cause cancer!”

Many people panicked when they heard this rumor. They didn’t know whether the electric kettle at home could still be used. It was inconvenient to use it, and they felt uneasy after using it.

Is the water boiled in an electric kettle safe or unsafe? Xiao Ai will talk to you in detail now.

1. Does the water boiled by electric kettles contain excessive heavy metals and cause cancer?

It is rumored that stainless steel electric kettles contain manganese , which will be released during the boiling process. Drinking this water for a long time will lead to excessive manganese , which will damage human nerves and even cause cancer . Is this really true?

Xiong Jinping, a professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, pointed out: Although the stainless steel electric kettle contains manganese, it is difficult to dissolve during the process of boiling water . Even if it is continuously boiled repeatedly for more than 1,000 hours , the precipitated manganese is in ionic form , has little impact on the human body, and has no risk of cancer .

For safety reasons, electric kettles must be purchased as regular products that meet national standards .

Professor Xiong Jinping reminded: Electric kettles on the market can be divided into glass, stainless steel, and ceramics . different materials such as

When purchasing a stainless steel electric kettle, try to choose one with the words “for food contact” or “implementation standard GB9684-2011” ;

For glass electric kettles , try to choose high borosilicate glass . The performance of this kind of kettle is relatively stable; electric kettles made of

When buying a ceramic electric kettle , try to choose one with no pattern or color on the inner wall .

Li Nannan, deputy director of the Research and Publicity Department of the Hunan Science and Technology Association, pointed out: You can drink water boiled in electric kettles with confidence. What you really need to drink less is over-scalded water, raw water and water that has been in the water dispenser for more than 7 days .

2. Kidney disease is increasing, is it all caused by tap water?

According to the latest epidemiological survey , the incidence rate of chronic kidney disease in China is 10.8% , and there are as many as 120 million patients with chronic kidney disease , which means that on average one in ten people suffers from chronic kidney disease .

Many people believe that the increasing number of kidney diseases in our country is caused by tap water. There are also claims that hard water can cause kidney stones…

Yun Wuxin, a Ph.D. in food engineering from the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University in the United States, pointed out: The hardness of water is mainly related to the concentration of calcium and magnesium in it . The national standard for tap water in China is that the total hardness does not exceed 450 mg . Even if you drink two liters of hardness per day, Water will not exceed the calcium limit.

after boiling Moreover, some calcium and magnesium ions will turn into scale , so there is no need to worry about getting kidney stones from drinking water normally . Whether it is soft water, hard water or pure water, as long as other indicators are qualified, it will not have a big impact on health. .

3. What really damages the kidneys are these 5 behaviors. Try to do them as little as possible

Liang Min, chief physician of the Department of Nephrology, Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University, reminds: What really damages the kidneys are the following five behaviors, and you should try to do them as little as possible.

Frequently staying up late: Frequently staying up late can damage the kidneys, so you must ensure adequate sleep and try to go to bed before 11 o’clock .

Frequently holding in urine: Frequently holding in urine can lead to urine infection and harm the kidneys. Therefore, urine must be excreted in time.

Sitting for a long time: Sitting for a long time will compress the bladder meridian, causing qi and blood in the bladder meridian to be blocked , further endangering kidney health.

Improper medication use: Abuse of medications may cause kidney damage , so avoid taking medications without permission.

Greedy for cold and cold: The feet, waist, etc. are where the kidney meridian is located. To avoid catching cold, try not to walk barefoot or expose your waist .

4. How to drink water to be healthier, experts give two suggestions

Ruan Guangfeng, deputy director of the Kexin Food and Health Information Exchange Center, reminded: If you want to drink water more healthily, you should pay attention to the following two points!

1. Drink an appropriate amount of water

China’s dietary guidelines recommend that ordinary adults drink 1500-1700 ml of water per day , which includes water in food and drinking water. The specific amount of water to drink can be adjusted according to the specific situation.

2. Pay attention to small amounts and multiple times

Many people always wait until they are thirsty before drinking water. Be careful not to wait until you are thirsty to drink water. You should take the initiative to drink water by yourself, drink small amounts and frequently , and avoid drinking too much water before going to bed.

Drinking water is indeed good for your health. The rumor online that electric kettles cause cancer is actually not true. Qualified products purchased through regular channels generally do not cause cancer. Experts recommend drinking water healthily and paying attention to the right amount and small amounts many times.

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