“Thin people” can also get fatty liver. What can be done to eliminate it?


Fatty liver disease is becoming more and more common among the population, and many young people and people who are not obese are also constantly “suffering” from it.

What is fatty liver

Fatty liver is also called fatty liver disease. Under normal circumstances, the body’s excess energy will be stored in the form of fat. In addition to adipose tissue, the liver is the largest fat storage organ and is also an important metabolic organ. Fat is easy to accumulate. Normal people have a small amount of fat in their livers, but when the fat content exceeds 5%, it can be considered fatty liver.

What are the abnormalities in the early stages of fatty liver?

1. Abnormalities in the digestive system

For people with liver damage, patients will have obvious digestive system abnormalities when fatty liver is approaching or in its early stages. Because the liver fluid secreted by the liver affects the body’s digestion, when the body develops fatty liver, it often indicates serious damage to liver function. At this time, the human body will easily develop digestive system diseases, manifested as nausea and vomiting. Eating too greasy food will cause obvious nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other abnormalities.

2. Hormone disorders

The liver is the detoxification organ of the human body. When there is a problem with the liver, it often causes the toxins in the body to be unable to be eliminated in time, thus affecting the normal endocrine system in the body and leading to hormone disorders. Therefore, when women find that they suddenly have abnormal menstruation or premature amenorrhea, or men have weakened physiological functions or abnormal breast development, do not hesitate to go to the hospital for examination in time.

3. Complications

For patients with liver function damage and fatty liver, there will be some obvious complications in the body. In addition to common jaundice, there will also be diseases such as liver enlargement and liver ascites, which will affect health.

How to eliminate fatty liver

First, keep exercising

Many people must feel disgusted when they see exercise and think it is a useless effort, but the truth is not the case. Exercise may really reverse fatty liver!

For obese people with fatty liver, exercise is very necessary to get rid of the problem of fatty liver. When the human body exercises, it can not only consume excess fat in the body, but also slowly remove the fat accumulated in the liver, thus Helps get rid of fatty liver problems.

Second, improve eating habits

For people with fatty liver, they must improve their diet in daily life. In addition to abandoning the previous bad habits of high fat and high calories, you should also eat more foods in your life that protect the liver and lower serum cholesterol, such as corn, kelp, onions, apples and other foods, which are good at protecting the liver and lowering cholesterol. The effect of content is beneficial to liver health.

Third, quit smoking and drinking

The reason why the human body suffers from fatty liver is closely related to long-term smoking and drinking, because after alcohol enters the human body, it not only has to pass through the liver to be metabolized outside the body, but the chemical components metabolized by alcohol can also damage liver cells, increasing the risk of the human body suffering from fatty liver. probability. Therefore, for the sake of health, you must quit alcohol in time to protect your liver health to the greatest extent.

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