How Men Over 50 Can Maintain Sexual Health: 5 Effective Tips


As men age past 50, both libido and sexual performance tend to decline. However, there are ways to maintain sexual health and enhance the quality of marital life. Here are five effective tips to help middle-aged and older men boost their libido and sexual ability:

Tip 1: Regular Exercise and Limiting Alcohol and Smoking

Exercise has a positive impact on sexual health. Regular physical activity keeps your body agile, slows down organ aging, and boosts your immune system. A stronger body helps slow the decline of sexual function. Studies have shown that alcohol slows down testosterone production, and the toxins in cigarettes can suppress sexual function and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Tip 2: Consistent Zinc and Selenium Supplementation

Zinc and selenium work together to improve sperm quality and motility, shorten the time needed for sperm liquefaction, and enhance spermatogenesis and immunity. Improved sperm vitality is crucial for maintaining male sexual health. Medical experts recommend that men over 50 take zinc and selenium supplements for 2-3 months, which can significantly aid in sperm production, improve sperm activity, and help sustain sexual function.

Tip 3: Increase Proactivity and Maintain Sexual Activity

Studies show that 51% of men aged 25-29 think about sex when they see their wife’s naked body, but this number drops to 40% by age 45. However, research also finds that 90.4% of men over 60 still experience sexual desire, with 54.7% having strong sexual urges. Middle-aged couples should not wait for spontaneous sexual urges but should instead make deliberate efforts to engage in sexual activity and be considerate of each other’s needs.

Tip 4: Control the Pace

While younger men can achieve quick and intense pleasure, both men and women experience slower arousal as they age. Therefore, older men should avoid rapid thrusting and instead build up gradually to reach climax, ensuring a more satisfying experience.

Tip 5: Explore New Methods

Although more experience in lovemaking comes with age, it doesn’t mean there’s no room for experimentation. Experts suggest that couples should continue to explore and create new ways to keep their sexual life exciting. This not only maintains the freshness of their sexual relationship but also fosters continuous improvement.

By incorporating these five tips, men over 50 can enhance their sexual health and continue to enjoy a fulfilling and active sexual life.

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