Summer is here. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is best to eat more of these four foods!


Summer is here. Friends who pay attention to health care every day know that in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine , health care should pay attention to the “correspondence between nature and man”. The human body must adapt to changes in the natural environment and seasonal climate. Spring and summer belong to yang, so the human body must also regulate the yang of the human body to adapt to the growth trend of nature. In summer, you should eat more foods that nourish yang, clear away heat, and protect the heart .

What should you eat in summer?

1. Eat more melons

In summer, people’s body fluids are easy to lose, and people sweat more in summer, so you can add more fruits appropriately. Because the water content in melons and fruits is relatively sufficient and they are also rich in vitamins , they have certain benefits for the human body.

2. Eat more cold vegetables

For example, cucumber, bitter melon, winter melon, watermelon, melon, etc., as well as some cooler vegetables such as tomatoes, celery, and lettuce.

3. Eat more “sterilized” vegetables

The weather in summer is relatively hot, which is suitable for the reproduction of bacteria , so in summer, you can eat some vegetables with “bactericidal” effect, such as garlic, green onions, onions, leeks, etc. These foods all have certain antibacterial effects, the most prominent of which is garlic.

4. “Eat carrots in winter and ginger in summer.”

Summer is called summer-wetness. Summer-wetness is often hot with a little moisture, so you should eat some ginger at this time. Ginger has the effect of warming the lungs and transforming it into a drink, which can warm the lungs. Therefore, ginger is a bit warm, so in summer When eaten, it can help us warm the middle burnt body and eliminate moisture from the body.

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