Why does abdominal distension occur when you are angry or cold? Teach you 6 tips to improve easily!


Many people experience abdominal bloating . Excluding disease causes, some behaviors in life can also cause abdominal bloating.

Why does bloating occur?

1. Unhappiness will cause abdominal bloating and swollen ribs, which worsens when you are angry and lessens after exhaust. This is a typical abdominal distension caused by liver qi stagnation. It is often caused by depression that causes liver qi to be uncomfortable, causing abdominal bloating. At this time, you can choose bergamot qi-promoting tea. Wash 3 grams of bergamot slices, 3 grams of tangerine peel, and 2 grams of roses, put them into a cup, and brew with hot water instead of tea, or boil it briefly and drink it. It can regulate qi and reduce swelling, and is suitable for Those who are in a bad mood, have a feeling of swelling in the flanks on both sides, sigh frequently, have breast swelling and pain, and the discomfort worsens when they are angry.

2. Abdominal bloating will occur when catching cold. People with spleen and kidney yang deficiency are unable to transform the Jiao Qi. They often experience abdominal bloating, fear of cold, and worsening abdominal bloating after catching cold. A common cause in life is improper diet, such as eating too much raw and cold food , which depletes Yang Qi. At this time, hawthorn and fennel tea is suitable. Take 5 grams of hawthorn, 3 grams of fennel, 2 grams of black tea or 2 grams of plum blossoms. Brew it with hot water instead of tea, or boil it briefly and drink it. It can warm the middle and promote qi. It is suitable for people with abdominal distension, people who are usually afraid of cold, Those who are afraid of eating cold things, like to drink hot water, and whose symptoms worsen after catching cold.

3. Overeating will cause bloating

People are most familiar with abdominal bloating caused by food accumulation, especially those who overeat and often have dinner parties. The characteristics are abdominal distension, bad breath , and acid reflux in the stomach. At this time, you can choose hawthorn wheat tea, which takes 5 grams of burnt hawthorn, 5 grams of fried malt, and 3 grams of fried radish seeds. Brew it with hot water instead of tea, or boil it briefly and drink it. Grease can cause loss of appetite, bad breath, foul-smelling and sticky stools.

How to relieve abdominal bloating? 6 ways to improve it


1. Rub your navel with your hands folded, place it at the Guanyuan point (3 inches below the middle of the navel), and gently rub circles around your navel, first 36 times clockwise, and then 36 times counterclockwise.

2. Touch the Zhongwan point with four fingers of one hand together, and rub the Zhongwan point (4 inches above the middle of the navel) with gentle pressure, and rotate clockwise for 2 to 5 minutes.

3. Rub the Guanyuan point with your five fingers together, and press and rub the Guanyuan point with the pulp of your index finger or middle finger for 30 to 60 seconds.

4. To tap the pulse, hold a hollow fist with both hands and place it at the side of the body at the same height as the navel. First tap the fist from the side of the body backward to both sides of the spine, then slowly tap forward, and then turn back and tap backward after reaching the navel. Repeat this 36 times.

5. Press Zusanli and use your thumb to massage Zusanli acupoint (four fingers below the outer knee) for 30 to 60 seconds, until there is a feeling of soreness and swelling.

6. Rub Taibai. Use your thumbs to massage the Taibai point on the inside of both feet (the depression between the red and white flesh proximal to the first metatarsophalangeal joint) for 30 to 60 seconds. It is better to feel soreness and swelling.

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