Can you eat persimmons if you eat crabs?


Crabs and persimmons are both popular foods in daily diets, but whether they can be eaten at the same time has always been a hot topic. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the eating relationship between crabs and persimmons from a medical perspective and provide everyone with scientific dietary guidance.

1. The secret of eating crabs and persimmons together

Crab meat is delicious and rich in protein, trace elements and other nutrients; while persimmons have a sweet taste and are rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber, etc. A reasonable combination of the two should be a nutritious choice, but why is there a saying that “crabs and persimmons cannot be eaten together”?

This is mainly due to the large amount of tannic acid contained in persimmons. Under the action of gastric acid, tannic acid easily combines with the high protein in crabs to form hard lumps that are difficult to digest, affecting the absorption and digestion functions of the gastrointestinal tract. Especially when persimmons are not fully mature, the tannic acid content is higher, and the possibility of discomfort after eating them with crabs increases.

2. Explore the feasibility of eating crabs and persimmons together

Although eating crabs and persimmons together has the above potential risks, it does not mean that they cannot be eaten at the same time. The key lies in how to combine them scientifically and pay attention to the amount and timing of consumption.

1. Choose mature persimmons : The tannic acid content in mature persimmons is relatively low, and the chance of adverse reactions when eaten with crabs will also be reduced. Therefore, when choosing persimmons, you should choose mature persimmons with bright colors and soft texture.

2. Control the amount of food consumed : Whether it is crabs or persimmons, it is not advisable to overeat. Taste in moderation to enjoy delicious food while avoiding any burden on the body. Crabs, in particular, are cold in nature and excessive consumption may cause diarrhea and other discomforts.

3. Arrange eating time reasonably : If you are worried about the discomfort that may be caused by eating crabs and persimmons together, you can leave a certain time interval between them. For example, eat crabs first and then eat persimmons a few hours later to reduce the possibility of both coexisting in the stomach.

3. Eating crabs and persimmons together is a good way to stay healthy.

While enjoying the deliciousness of crabs and persimmons, we also need to pay attention to the following points to ensure a healthy diet:

1. Individual differences need to be considered : Everyone’s physique and eating habits are different. Therefore, when eating crabs and persimmons, you should flexibly adjust according to your own situation. If you feel unwell, you should stop eating immediately and seek professional advice.

2. Diversify food mix : A balanced and diverse diet is the key to health. While eating crabs and persimmons, you might as well pair them with other ingredients, such as vegetables, whole grains, etc., to form a more comprehensive nutritional intake.

3. Pay attention to food safety : As a seafood product, crab’s freshness and safety are crucial. When purchasing and eating, you should ensure that the source of crabs is reliable to avoid health problems caused by stale food.

To sum up, eating crabs and persimmons together is not an absolute taboo. The key lies in how we combine and eat them scientifically and rationally. By understanding the relationship between the two, we can better enjoy the pleasure of these two delicious foods while ensuring good health.

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