If these three parts are itchy to the point of being unbearable, it may be a sign of cancer cells.


A must-see for both men and women! This part of the body often itch, be careful of cancer cells causing trouble!

The current level of science and technology is relatively advanced, but there is still no treatment for cancer. If you have cancer, the possibility of cure is very low. In fact, when a characteristic appears in a certain part of the body, it can indicate whether there are cancer cells in the body, such as itching.

For example, the appearance of cancer will have an impact on human health. At this time, the signals sent by the body are relatively obvious, and there may be abnormal changes in the skin. Therefore, if you notice any abnormalities in your skin, you need to check your body as soon as possible. If it is a sign of some cancer, you should treat it as soon as possible.

Regardless of men or women, this area is often itchy. Don’t be careless. It may be cancer cells trying to cause trouble!

1. Anal itching

As we all know, the rectum and anus are the only ways feces can pass through and be expelled from the body. However, there is a ring of upward opening between the rectum and anus. This fossa is called a crypt and is often referred to as the anal sinus. This area is likely to contain dirt, causing feces to accumulate, and the anal sinuses can easily become inflamed.

Anal gland infection and inflammation can be caused by stool deposits, intestinal bacterial irritation, and anal gland obstruction. Further exacerbation of the infection can spread to the perianal area through muscle spaces and lymphatic vessels, eventually leading to a perianal abscess.

2. Itchy nose

If you have been experiencing itchy nose and frequent sneezing recently, you should be alert not only to the onset of rhinitis, but also to the emergence of nasopharyngeal cancer. Especially after the rhinitis factors have been eliminated, if the itching sensation in the nose still does not stop, and it is not known whether the itching is inside the nasal cavity or external, it may be cancer cells at work.

Especially when symptoms such as nose bleeding, headache, and difficulty breathing appear at the same time, it is necessary to get checked immediately.

3. Itchy neck

The neck is also a place that we must pay attention to. Our body’s detoxification system is located in the neck, namely the lymph nodes. The itching caused by them is probably an external manifestation of some diseases. The severity of the disease varies. If the itching cannot be relieved for a long time, it will continue to Itching is most likely due to some lymphatic disease.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that if you want to have a healthy body, you should have a healthy living habit, pay more attention to hygiene in life, and be a clean person, so that diseases will get farther and farther away from us. Regardless of men or women, this area is often “itchy”. Don’t be careless. It may be cancer cells trying to “trouble”!

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