What is the reason for stomachache but not diarrhea?


Stomach pain is a common symptom in daily life, but not every stomach pain is accompanied by diarrhea. So, what are the possible causes when you have stomach pain but no diarrhea? This article will analyze it for you from a professional perspective and provide corresponding solutions and daily precautions.

1. Explore the causes of stomachache but not diarrhea

1. Stomach diseases :

– Stomach diseases such as chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer may cause upper abdominal pain without diarrhea. This type of pain is mostly related to diet, such as worsening or relieving after meals.

– Solution: It is recommended to eat regularly, avoid spicy and greasy food, and take appropriate amounts of antacids or gastric mucosal protectants.

2. Intestinal problems (non-diarrhea type):

– Some types of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may present with only abdominal pain without significant diarrhea. Patients may experience abdominal cramping or dull pain.

– Solution: Manage stress, adjust diet, avoid irritating foods, and take anti-spasmodic drugs if necessary.

3. Pancreatic problems :

– Acute pancreatitis or chronic pancreatitis may cause mid-upper abdominal pain that may radiate to the back and is not accompanied by diarrhea.

– Solution: seek medical treatment promptly, avoid high-fat diet, control alcohol consumption, and may require drug treatment or surgery.

2. Stomach pain but not diarrhea, what’s the reason?

1. Gynecological problems (for women):

– Gynecological diseases such as menstrual pain and endometriosis may also cause lower abdominal pain without diarrhea.

– Solution: Have regular gynecological examinations, and take painkillers or other treatment measures if necessary.

2. Urinary system problems :

– Urinary tract infections, kidney stones and other urinary system diseases may cause abdominal pain, which can vary in nature and is not necessarily accompanied by diarrhea.

– Solution: Increase water intake, seek medical examination promptly, and take drug treatment or surgery according to the condition.

3. Dull stomach pain without diarrhea, analysis of possible causes

1. Chronic inflammation :

– Chronic inflammation in the abdominal cavity, such as chronic appendicitis, chronic cholecystitis, etc., may cause abdominal pain, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

– Solution: Regular physical examination, pay attention to dietary hygiene, avoid overexertion, and perform surgical treatment if necessary.

2. Food intolerance :

– Some people are intolerant to specific foods such as lactose, gluten, etc. Ingestion may cause abdominal discomfort, but not necessarily diarrhea.

– Solution: Identify and avoid food intolerances and choose suitable dietary alternatives.

3. Functional abdominal pain :

– After excluding organic diseases, the abdominal pain in some patients may be related to psychological stress and living habits, manifesting as functional abdominal pain.

-Solution: Get psychological counseling, learn relaxation techniques, and adjust your lifestyle.

To sum up, stomach pain without diarrhea can involve a variety of causes, ranging from gastric diseases to gynecological and urinary problems, and even food intolerances and functional abdominal pain. Therefore, when this symptom occurs, it is recommended to carefully observe the nature, location and accompanying symptoms of the pain, and seek medical treatment in time for professional diagnosis. In daily life, maintaining good eating habits and lifestyle, and conducting regular physical examinations are the keys to preventing and managing such problems.

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