Will drinking traditional Chinese medicine affect sperm abnormalities?


Drinking traditional Chinese medicine will not affect the sperm abnormality rate. There are many reasons for the high sperm abnormality rate, such as bad living habits, genitourinary system infections , environmental factors, and genetic factors. Simply drinking traditional Chinese medicine has a limited impact on the sperm abnormality rate.

1. Bad living habits: If you smoke and drink excessively for a long time, stay up late, and have high mental stress, etc., it can lead to a decrease in sperm motility and sperm quality, and a relative increase in the deformity rate. It is recommended to ensure adequate sleep, do not stay up late, eat healthily, and exercise more, which can gradually improve sperm quality and return to normal;

2. Urogenital system infections: such as orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis , etc. When the reproductive system is infected, it can easily lead to an increase in sperm deformity rates. Patients should go to the hospital in time, identify the cause, and use antibiotics for treatment under the guidance of a doctor, such as levofloxacin, cefaclor, etc. After the infection is controlled in time, the sperm abnormality rate can gradually recover;

3. Environmental factors: If you are exposed to a polluted environment for a long time or are often exposed to radioactive substances, the rate of sperm deformity will increase. It is recommended to get out of such an environment and live in an environment with fresh air and second-hand smoke for a period of time. Most malformation rates will decrease;

4. Genetic factors: The sperm deformity rate is also related to heredity. If the father’s sperm deformity rate is high, the daughter’s sperm deformity rate will also increase. You can choose to use drugs for conditioning under the guidance of a doctor, such as sperm-producing capsules. You can also exercise appropriately and eat more walnuts, leeks and other foods.


Under normal circumstances, drinking traditional Chinese medicine will not affect the sperm abnormality rate. However, if the sperm abnormality rate is too high and pathological factors are suspected, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination to determine the cause, and to carry out targeted treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

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