Will genital warts grow in the mouth?


Genital warts can appear in the mouth and are called oral genital warts . The reason why it occurs is generally related to unlocking certain special positions during sex, such as oral sex (oral-genital contact). In addition, in rare cases, sick pregnant women can cause neonatal morbidity through vertical transmission from mother to child, such as infection through the placenta or by delivery fetus swallowing amniotic fluid containing HPV during the .

oYYBAGZoGgiAGrh7AACW3vuwSPU220Condyloma acuminata in the oral cavity usually occur on the back of the tongue, lips, gums, cheeks, palate, and around the tongue frenulum. The incubation period of symptoms is 1-8 months, with an average of 3 months. The initial lesions are small and soft pink papules, the size of a pin cap or a grain of rice, which gradually enlarge to long cone-shaped warts, which may be single or gradually increase in number, with uneven surface and soft texture. Patients usually have no obvious symptoms, only a slight foreign body sensation or bleeding easily when touched, which is more common than when looking in the mirror.

If not treated in time, the warts will gradually enlarge and become large cauliflower-like, papilloma-like, cockscomb-like or mushroom-like excrescences with a pedunculated base; some may merge with each other, and the surface may also become keratinized, white, or eroded. , ulcers, with discharge.

Oral genital warts are more common in young and middle-aged people who are sexually active. People who have recently engaged in high-risk sexual behaviors should be vigilant. Once abnormal growths are found in the oral cavity and are accompanied by ulcers, pain, bleeding and other symptoms, they should seek medical treatment in time. Doctors generally make a preliminary diagnosis based on the history of sexual contact and clinical manifestations, and then use HPV nucleic acid testing or PCR testing to determine whether it is human papillomavirus infection. If necessary, it can also be combined with pathological examination.

During treatment, the oral cavity has a rich blood supply and is sensitive to pain, so it is not suitable for cryotherapy, and podophyllotoxin leaf resin is prohibited for use in the oral cavity. Therefore, carbon dioxide laser or electrocautery is preferred, and surgical removal is also possible. In addition, prevention of this disease is the main thing. You should keep yourself clean, eliminate unclean sexual behavior, develop good hygiene habits, and get HPV vaccine.

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