The correct way to make brown sugar ginger water


Brown sugar ginger water is a traditional health drink that is loved by the public because of its simple preparation and remarkable effects. Brown sugar has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, while ginger can expel cold, warm the stomach, and refresh the mind. The combination of the two not only has a mellow taste, but also has a good health care effect. Next, let us learn the correct way to make brown sugar ginger water.

1. Preparation before making brown sugar ginger water 

1. Choose high-quality brown sugar: The quality of brown sugar directly affects the taste and effect of brown sugar ginger water. It is recommended to choose brown sugar with dark color, fine texture and no impurities. Such brown sugar contains more trace elements and minerals and has higher nutritional value.

2. Choose fresh ginger: Ginger is another important raw material for brown sugar ginger water. When purchasing, you should choose ginger with full skin, no damage, and no mold spots. Fresh ginger is rich in water and has a strong spicy taste, which can better play the role of repelling cold and warming the stomach.

3. Prepare cooking tools: Cooking brown sugar ginger water requires pots and stirring tools. It is recommended to choose stainless steel pots or ceramic pots and avoid using iron pots to avoid affecting the taste. Also, prepare a wooden or plastic mixing spoon for stirring the sugar water.

2. Tips and steps for making brown sugar ginger water

1. Clean the ginger: Soak the selected ginger in clean water for a while, and use a brush to remove the dirt and impurities on the surface. Then cut into thin slices or pound and set aside.

2. Boil brown sugar water: Add appropriate amount of water to the pot and add appropriate amount of brown sugar according to personal taste. Bring to a boil over high heat, then turn to low heat and simmer slowly, stirring constantly to prevent the brown sugar from sticking to the pan.

3. Add ginger: When the brown sugar water is simmered until the color becomes darker and the texture is slightly thicker, add sliced ​​ginger or crushed ginger. Continue to simmer over low heat until the brown sugar and ginger are fully blended.

4. Seasoning and serving: According to personal taste, you can add appropriate amounts of red dates, wolfberry and other ingredients to increase nutrition. After simmering until the soup thickens, turn off the heat and remove from the pot.

3. Effects of brown sugar ginger water and precautions for drinking it

1. Efficacy: Brown sugar ginger water has the effects of repelling cold and warming the stomach, replenishing qi and nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It is suitable for people with body cold, stomach cold, dysmenorrhea, etc. At the same time, the volatile oil components in ginger can also refresh your mind and improve work efficiency.

2. Precautions for drinking: Although brown sugar ginger water has good health care effects, it is not suitable for everyone. Diabetics, patients with high blood sugar, and people with a warm body constitution should drink with caution. In addition, pregnant women should seek medical advice before drinking. In addition, it is not advisable to drink too much brown sugar ginger water to avoid causing internal heat or affecting blood sugar stability.

In short, as a traditional health drink, brown sugar ginger water is simple to make and effective. As long as you master the preparation techniques and drinking precautions, you can easily enjoy the health benefits it brings.

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