What should I do if my ears feel uncomfortable while flying?


When flying on an airplane, many people experience ear discomfort due to changes in high-altitude air pressure. This discomfort may manifest as ear tightness, earache, or even hearing loss. So, how should we deal with these problems? Next, I will introduce some practical methods in detail.

1. How to deal with ear discomfort during airplane takeoff

1. Swallowing action: When an airplane takes off, as the altitude increases, the air pressure gradually decreases. At this time, the Eustachian tube can be opened through the swallowing action to balance the air pressure between the middle ear and the outside world. It is recommended to do some swallowing actions every once in a while, such as chewing gum or drinking water.

2. Pinch your nose and inflate: Gently pinch your nose, close your mouth, and then inflate hard. This action can also help open the Eustachian tubes and relieve ear discomfort.

3. Wear earplugs: Wearing earplugs before takeoff can reduce the impact of changes in external air pressure on your ears. When choosing earplugs, make sure they fit your ear canal and are comfortable to wear.

2. Tips for relieving ear pain during air travel

1. Head posture adjustment: During flight, you can try to tilt your head slightly forward, or turn it slightly to the left and right. These positions help reposition the Eustachian tube so that it opens more easily.

2. Apply hot compress to the ear: Use a hot towel or hot compress pack to gently apply to the ear to help relieve ear pain and tension. But please note that the hot compress temperature should not be too high to avoid burns.

3. Ear massage: By gently massaging the pinna and acupoints around the ears, such as Tinggong acupoint and Tinghui acupoint, you can promote blood circulation in the ear and relieve pain.

3. Adjustment strategies for ear discomfort while flying

1. Prepare in advance: Before flying, if you know that you are prone to ear discomfort, you can prepare some relief medicine in advance, such as over-the-counter pain relievers. But please be sure to use it under the guidance of a pharmacist and avoid overdose.

2. Dietary adjustments: Avoid eating too much greasy and spicy food during the flight, as these foods may aggravate ear discomfort. It is recommended to choose light and easy-to-digest foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

3. Pay attention to rest: Long-term flights can easily make people tired, and fatigue may aggravate ear discomfort. Therefore, pay attention to rest during the flight and maintain adequate sleep.

4. Seek medical attention promptly: If the symptoms of ear discomfort persist or worsen after the flight, you should seek medical examination promptly to obtain professional diagnosis and treatment.

In short, ear discomfort when flying is a common phenomenon, but by taking the above methods, we can effectively alleviate this discomfort. I hope everyone can keep their ears healthy while enjoying air travel.


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