Efficacy and effects of Salvia and contraindications


Ginseng is a specialty of Northeast China, but in addition to ginseng, there are many foods with nourishing effects that everyone is not familiar with. This article is to tell you some knowledge that you don’t usually know; salvia is a kind of tonic that is not inferior to ginseng, but it is not grown in the northeast, but inIt is more common in Sichuan and other places. The nutritional value of salvia is very high and the inventory on the market is also large, so the price will be more affordable. It is often sold as a Chinese herbal medicine. Let’s take a look at the efficacy and effects of salvia and what are the contraindications?

Salvia, also known as red ginseng, purple salvia, red root, etc., is the name of traditional Chinese medicine. It is the dried root and rhizome of Salvia, a plant of the labellaceae family. It is born on hillside grasslands and forest side roads, or on dry ground in sparse forests. It is mostly cultivated, and it is found in most parts of the country. It is mainly produced in Sichuan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Henan, Shanxi and other places. Pick and dig in spring and autumn, remove the stems and leaves, wash, moisturize, cut into thick slices, and dry in the sun. For raw or wine burning.

Efficacy and effects of Salvia and contraindications

It has the effect of activating blood and removing stasis, relieving pain through menstruation, clearing the heart and removing annoyance, cooling blood and eliminating carbuncles. It is used for chest pain, heartache, abdominal pain, fever, fever and pain, upset and sleepless, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, menstrual closure, sores, swelling and pain.

Precautions for clinical application of Salvia

1. People with gastrointestinal diseases can take tangerine peel, chicken neijin, white lentils and other stomach-strengthening products when taking salvia.

2. For those suffering from bradycardia, Guizhi, Baibai and other heart-clearing medicines can be used.

3. For cancer patients who need blood circulation treatment, salvia is not used. Traditional Chinese medicines that have been pharmacologically studied to have anti-cancer effects, such as whole insects, centipedes, snake molting, Zo Zo, triangular edges, leeches, pangolins, etc., can be used.

4. Salvia should not be taken with aspirin. Aspirin has the effect of inhibiting platelet aggregation and has been used as an essential drug for the treatment of patients with coronary heart disease.

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