Read the “warnings” from your nails? Identify from 4 aspects!


From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the liver governs tendons and can store blood. Nails are part of tendons, so the liver has a very close relationship with nails and tendons. Understand the physical condition through the thickness, color, and toughness of the nails. Under normal circumstances, all parts of the body can be nourished by blood, so the nails are pink in color, the surface is relatively smooth and rounded, the nails are not thick or thin, the shape is relatively smooth and smooth, there are no vertical or horizontal grooves, and there are no spots. Abnormal blood nutrition in the body will show up on the nails, which can be identified from the following aspects.

How to identify nail abnormalities?

1. Look at the nail color

Pale nails indicate malnutrition or anemia. Such people should eat more foods that can nourish qi and blood, such as black sesame seeds, longan, and red dates. People with dark yellow nails should immediately think of chronic diseases or diseases. For liver and gallbladder diseases, it is necessary to go to the hospital for relevant examinations to confirm the diagnosis; nails that appear blue and purple indicate cold syndrome, and may also cause blood stasis and hypoxia.

2. Look at the nail texture

If there are vertical lines on the nails, it is most likely caused by excessive fatigue or weakened immunity. It may also be caused by neurasthenia or chronic disease, so you should pay more attention to rest; if there are transverse grooves on the nails, it is most likely caused by malnutrition. , it may also be a disease related to the digestive system.

3. Look at the spots on the nails

If there are white spots on the nails, it means that the body is deficient in calcium, it may also be due to insect accumulation, or indigestion. Therefore, you should pay attention to dietary hygiene. The food you eat should be thoroughly cooked. Do not drink water and water from unknown sources. Undercooked food must also be nutritionally balanced; if there are red spots on the nails, it is likely to be capillary bleeding. The most frightening thing is that there are black spots on the nails, which indicates abnormal blood circulation and the possibility of gangrene and tumors. It is also necessary to go to the hospital for relevant examination and treatment as soon as possible.

4. Look at the half-moon mark

The crescent at the bottom of the nail is the half-moon mark, which to some extent reflects the health of Qi and blood. For healthy people, the half-moon marks are neither big nor small and appear grayish white; those with too large half-moon marks are prone to hyperthyroidism and hypertension; the absence of half-moon marks indicates insufficient Qi and blood.

Kind tips

In daily life, you should take good care of your nails, eat more foods and medicines with blood-enhancing effects, focus on fish, beans, milk and eggs containing high-quality protein. You can also eat nuts, black fungus and black beans. The hands and feet are where the meridians of the whole body meet, so you should focus on moving your hands and feet, such as shaking your hands, rubbing a fitness ball, etc. Choose appropriate exercise according to your own physical fitness, such as cycling, brisk walking or jogging, etc., which can improve blood circulation throughout the body.

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