Many diseases are “provincial”! Change these “bad habits” as soon as possible, don’t be careless


Uncle Lin, who is 56 years old, always had the habit of eating leftovers because he felt it was a waste to throw away uneaten food. Over the years, nothing untoward happened due to this habit.

However, last month, after reheating the leftover food from the previous night for breakfast, Uncle Lin not only experienced nausea and vomiting but also developed infectious shock and liver dysfunction. He spent 5 days in the ICU before finally stabilizing.

In life, there are many people like Uncle Lin who have the habit of eating leftover food. After all, thriftiness and frugality are traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. However, the health risks behind these thrifty behaviors should not be underestimated!

Today, the family doctor summarizes seven habits that can lead to diseases due to excessive thriftiness, hoping that everyone will take them seriously.

  1. Choosing cheaper fruits and vegetables when shopping: Cheap fruits and vegetables at the market may not be fresh, leading to a loss of nutritional value and the risk of spoilage.
  2. Buying large containers of cooking oil to save money: Cooking oil, once opened, has a critical point of three months for safe use. Beyond that, it may become a risk factor for cancer due to oxidation and rancidity.
  3. Reluctance to use the range hood: Avoiding the use of the range hood or turning it off immediately after cooking to save electricity can lead to health hazards, as cooking fumes contain harmful components that can damage the skin, respiratory system, and digestive system.
  4. Watching electronic screens without lights: Watching screens in the dark can increase eye fatigue and potentially cause vision deterioration. It is advisable to maintain a certain level of brightness when using electronic screens at night.
  5. Not changing shoes that are not worn out: Wearing the same pair of shoes for a long time can lead to moisture buildup and increase the probability of skin diseases such as athlete’s foot.
  6. Using the same towel for a long time: Towels that are not replaced regularly may harbor pathogenic bacteria, increasing the risk of skin infections and conjunctivitis.
  7. Avoiding regular health check-ups: Neglecting regular check-ups due to the desire for convenience can result in late detection of illnesses, missing the optimal treatment window.

Prevention is better than cure. To achieve a healthy and robust physique, it’s advisable to start by avoiding the above habits.

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