There is metastasis in the advanced stage of lung cancer, how can I live a long time?


After metastasis occurs in the advanced stage of lung cancer, patients can undergo comprehensive treatment through radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, etc., thereby prolonging their survival time. If the condition is more serious, it can also be improved by surgery.

1. Non-drug treatment

1. Radiotherapy: Radiotherapy is a local treatment method that uses radiation to treat tumors. It can directly act on cancer cells, inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells, and extend the life span of patients to a certain extent.

2. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy refers to the use of chemical drugs to kill cancer cells or prevent their growth. Commonly used chemotherapy drugs include paclitaxel injection, irinotecan hydrochloride injection, etc., You can choose a suitable plan for treatment according to your own situation under the guidance of a doctor.

3. Targeted therapy: Targeted therapy is a treatment method that targets a well-defined carcinogenic site at the cellular and molecular level. It is commonly used to treat lung cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma and other diseases. Common medicines include gefitinib tablets, bevacizumab injection, etc.

2. Surgical treatment

For patients with better physical conditions, pulmonary resection, lobectomy, etc. can also be used for treatment under the guidance of a doctor to help control the development of the condition.



In addition, it is recommended that patients also need to pay attention to a healthy diet, eat as many high-quality protein foods and fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, such as eggs, milk, apples, tomatoes, etc., and also exercise appropriately, such as walking slowly, Tai Chi, etc., which is conducive to improving one’s immunity. If there is obvious discomfort during the period, you need to seek medical attention in time to avoid delays in your condition.

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