Pay attention to frequent leg cramps, it may be caused by disease!


From the moment you wake up in the morning until the moment you go to bed at night, your feet are constantly working. Therefore, protecting your feet is very important. In fact, people’s feet are a barometer of physical health. When symptoms of discomfort appear on your feet, it may be that your body is sick. So what exactly are the symptoms and diseases? The editor will teach you symptomatic diagnosis and treatment.

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swollen feet

In addition to swollen feet caused by standing, sitting or squatting for a long time, as well as edema that occurs in women during menstruation and pregnancy, unexplained swelling of the feet may be a sign of heart disease, endocrine and other diseases.

Heel pain

The vast majority of heel pain is caused by ligament inflammation, and ill-fitting shoes are the primary cause. Wearing shoes with too hard, too soft or too thin soles for a long time can cause problems. In addition, fatter people are also prone to heel pain. Experts point out that to protect your heels, you must first choose good shoes. The shoes you buy must fit your feet well, leave a finger’s distance in front of your toes, and avoid wearing flat shoes with too thin soles.

foot cramps

If you always have leg cramps while sleeping, you should increase your intake of calcium, potassium and magnesium. When your feet cramp, you can massage the painful area or apply cold compress. To avoid cramps, stretch your legs before going to bed and drink a glass of warm milk.

Pain in the soles of the feet

If you experience pain in the thumb joints and soles of your feet when walking, standing or pressing, but there is no redness or swelling, it may be an injury to the plantar muscles. You can soak your feet in hot water every night. When the soles of your feet hurt, there may also be pain in the third or fourth toes. It’s caused by wearing high heels for a long time. It is recommended to alternate between high-heeled shoes and flat-heeled shoes. If you must wear them, it is best to choose shoes with wide toes and thick soles; if you have unexplained pain in the soles of your feet and have symptoms such as thirst, frequent urination, easy hunger, weight loss, etc. Consider having diabetes.

Toenails are thick and yellow

Often caused by a fungal infection, the infection quickly spreads to the entire toenail, causing it to smell bad and become darker in color. Experts say that if your nails are brittle, it could mean you have an athlete’s foot infection, but if your nails are just thick, your toes may be damaged.

Numbness in feet

Numbness in the hands and feet of healthy people is mostly caused by the feet being in one position for a long time. This symptom will disappear on its own, but if it lasts for a long time or recurs repeatedly, sometimes mild and sometimes severe, it may be pathological numbness caused by the disease. Such as thromboangitis, etc., should be taken seriously.

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