Which bad habits can hurt the stomach? These bad habits that hurt the stomach must be corrected


Abstract: Stomach diseases mainly include stomach pain, bloating, acid reflux, belching, etc. So far, there is no medicine that can completely treat stomach diseases. Stomach diseases require careful care in daily life, and there will be many bad habits that hurt the stomach in life.

What are the bad habits of hurting the stomach?

1. Eat heavy-flavored food

Often eating leftovers, pickled, and roasted foods, although they will not make the stomach uncomfortable immediately, they will contain a lot of carcinogens. In addition to containing a lot of salt in high-salt barbecues and pickles, high-salt barbecues and pickles also form a lot of nitrosyl compounds in the body, which also increases the risk of gastric cancer. In addition, pickled and smoked foods will not only increase high blood pressure and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but also damage the gastric mucosa. Therefore, try not to eat some barbecues, pickles and processed foods with high salt in your diet. This can reduce the incidence of gastric cancer.

2. Don’t pay attention to eating fruits

Some jujube, hawthorn, and persimmon seeds contain a lot of tannin, which reacts with protein and gastric acid in the stomach to form jelly-like substances. This kind of jelly enters the intestine and is easily emptied. When the stomach is unable to empty, the jelly will accumulate more and more in the stomach., So that the cellulose and protein gathered in the food become larger and harder, and when it oppresses the blood vessels in the stomach, it causes ulcers and even heavy bleeding.

3. Drink a lot of alcohol

Drinking a small amount of low-alcohol alcohol can prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer, but if the alcohol content exceeds the standard, it will cause certain damage to the gastric mucosa, and it will also cause gastric bleeding and abdominal pain. In addition, drinking a lot of alcohol can also induce liver cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, oral cancer, etc.

4. Talking while eating

When eating, we must pay attention to chewing carefully and slowly. Every time we swallow, in addition to swallowing food, we will also swallow gas. If you talk while eating and swallow with a big mouth, a lot of gas will be swallowed, and you are prone to symptoms such as indigestion. Eating too quickly can also burn the mucosa of the esophagus, causing oral cancer and esophageal cancer.

5. Take stomach irritating drugs

Most patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases must take aspirin. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory drug that can cause irritation to the stomach. If you ignore the protection of the stomach during medication, it will damage the gastric mucosa and cause bleeding. If the condition requires taking aspirin, it is necessary to measure whether the stomach can tolerate it, and if necessary, take more medicines to protect the stomach.

6. Unclean diet

An unsanitary diet can bring some pathogens into the body, causing acute gastrointestinal inflammation and even infection with Helicobacter pylori. Usually, we must pay attention to dietary hygiene, develop a good habit of washing our hands before and after meals, and never eat cold food.


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