What could be the reason for thin endometrium? It can seriously affect women’s pregnancy!


As a very important part of the female reproductive system, the uterus has a great impact on the development of the female embryo after re-fertilization. As an important place for embryo implantation, the thickness of the endometrium directly affects whether the child can implant smoothly. Therefore, the reason why the endometrium is too thin can create prerequisites for in-depth treatment of the disease.

Thin endometrium may be caused by these 5 reasons

1. Local bacterial infection

If women live in a country where uterine inflammation caused by bacterial infections is caused by certain reasons, it can still easily cause uterine fibroids and other diseases in women, which will also reduce the damage to the endometrial wall and cause the endometrium to be very thin. Case.

2. Endocrine hormone imbalance

In general, the uterus can maintain a good shape in life, and the endometrium can have an appropriate thickness, which depends on the regulation of women’s estrogen. However, endocrine hormone imbalance can still cause a woman’s endometrium to thin.

3. Uterine surgery

In life, if a woman has uterine diseases due to certain reasons, such as uterine fibroids or uterine inflammation, as well as uterine curettage surgery caused by miscarriage, it can cause the endometrium to be scratched and thinned.

4. Insufficient blood supply to the uterus

The presence of uterine fibroids or uterine artery embolization will reduce the blood supply to the endometrium. The endometrium will not be nourished by enough blood, and its growth will be restricted and it will become thin.

5. Caused by taking drugs

If you take some drugs regularly in life, such as birth control pills or other hormonal drugs, it is easy to cause the symptoms of endometrium thinning.

The above are very important reasons that can cause the thinning of the endometrium. In daily life, reasonable treatment plans should be proposed based on specific reasons.


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