How long does it take for proteinuria to develop into uremia?


Under normal circumstances, it usually takes about 2-5 years for proteinuria to develop into uremia. The specific contents are as follows:

Proteinuria refers to a common abnormal clinical urinalysis result in which protein is detected in urine by routine urine test. If the urinary protein exceeds 150 mg in 24 hours, proteinuria can be detected in routine urine test. Proteinuria is usually seen in conditions such as exercise, fever, infection, tuberculosis, and tumors. There is usually no clear scientific data on the progression of proteinuria to uremia. It usually takes 2 to 5 years to discover that proteinuria develops into uremia through clinical symptoms. For more severe proteinuria, if not treated in time, it may develop into uremia in about two years. By treating the primary disease that causes proteinuria and treating the kidneys to protect the kidneys, the progression to uremia can usually be delayed, which may take 5 years or more.

If proteinuria is found during examination, the cause of proteinuria needs to be clarified under the guidance of a professional physician, and symptomatic treatment should be carried out according to the cause to avoid delaying treatment opportunities. Patients with proteinuria should pay attention to a low-protein diet, stop smoking and drinking, and control the amount of water they drink.

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