Can excessive weight loss cause amenorrhea? Can menopause be restored after amenorrhea?


Recently, the movie “It’s Hot” has made more and more people want to lose weight. And summer is coming, and the annual weight loss “peak season” has also begun. Most of these women choose to go on a diet and exercise a lot to lose weight, and the results are very good. However, the problem is that some women find that they have lost weight, but their aunt is “absent”.

It is understood that many people lose weight excessively in pursuit of skinny skin, which ultimately leads to delayed menstruation, and some even miss menstruation for half a year or a year.

What is amenorrhea?

Amenorrhea is divided into two categories: primary amenorrhea and secondary amenorrhea.

Primary amenorrhea: refers to age over 14 years old, secondary sexual characteristics have not developed; or age over 16 years old, secondary sexual characteristics have developed, menstruation has not yet come.

Secondary amenorrhea: The normal menstrual cycle was originally established, that is, once every 28 days and clean for 3-7 days. Due to various pathological factors, menstruation has stopped for more than 6 months, or menstruation has stopped for 3 menstrual cycles based on the original menstrual cycle. This is called secondary amenorrhea. Amenorrhea caused by weight loss is usually secondary amenorrhea.

Can menopause be restored after amenorrhea?

able. After amenorrhea occurs, go to the hospital for a gynecological B-ultrasound examination to check the size of the uterus, whether the ovaries are atrophied, and the thickness of the endometrium. If the condition is not very serious and the duration of the disease is not long, traditional Chinese medicine can be used as the main treatment; if the hormone level is low, the duration of the disease will be longer. For a long time, combined traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment can be taken, such as estrogen and progesterone sequential therapy, with a cycle of 3 months and 6 months, so that the uterus and ovaries can establish a new cycle again with the help of external hormones and achieve a new balance. At the same time, traditional Chinese medicine is used to regulate the overall physical condition and correct the imbalanced endocrine state.

It is worth emphasizing that as long as menstruation does not come for more than 84 days, you must go to the hospital for treatment. Do not go to the hospital for treatment after menstruation is delayed for half a year or a year.

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