What are the symptoms of kidney deficiency? Remember these ways to improve!


The “kidney” in the concept of “kidney deficiency” in traditional medicine is an important organ with a wide range of physiological functions and is directly or indirectly related to reproduction, growth and development, digestion, endocrine metabolism, etc.

the urinary system, reproductive system, endocrine metabolic system, neuropsychiatric system, digestion, blood, respiratory and many other systems. The symptoms of “kidney deficiency” include related diseases of

With the development of society and differences in lifestyles, kidney deficiency in men has become more common. Kidney deficiency itself will also cause many differences in the quality of life, leading to a reduction in the treatment of sexual intercourse, and causing many symptoms such as physical damage and reduced resistance. Find out The method to improve kidney deficiency in men is urgent.

How to improve kidney deficiency in men?

1. Reduce sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse means that a man needs to ejaculate once, but one ejaculation can consume a large amount of essence. Therefore, excessive sexual intercourse can cause menstrual wear and tear, leading to kidney deficiency. Therefore, moderate sexual intercourse and avoiding masturbation can improve kidney deficiency.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning. For the improvement of kidney deficiency in men in daily life, the improvement effect of traditional Chinese medicine is much higher than that of Western medicine. In daily life, you need to take some kidney-tonifying drugs, such as Guifu Dihuang Pills, and Zuogui Pills are the first choice for kidney yin deficiency.

3. Moderate exercise. In daily life, if you do not exercise regularly or sit for long periods of time, your physical fitness and resistance will be reduced, and sitting for a long time can also compress the prostate, causing prostatitis and increasing the symptoms of kidney deficiency. Moderate exercise can relieve it.

4. Improve living habits. Staying up late for a long time or excessive work pressure can cause kidney deficiency and energy loss, but reasonable sleep habits and adequate rest time can promote the improvement of kidney deficiency.

5. Diet conditioning. Unreasonable eating habits and dietary structure in life can lead to kidney deficiency. In life, you can eat more fruits and vegetables and protein supplements, quit smoking and limit alcohol, and eat some mutton, chicken, sea cucumbers, leeks, etc. to replenish kidney yang.

The above 5 categories are the most typical practices that can effectively improve kidney deficiency in life. In addition, reducing work pressure, taking appropriate rest, and relaxing appropriately will also alleviate the symptoms of kidney deficiency in men.


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