Which blood type is prone to Alzheimer’s disease? Research tells you


Nowadays, many people are keen on discussing blood types and health, and “urban rumors” about blood types are popping up one after another, such as “people with type O blood are more attracted to mosquitoes”, “people with type B blood live longer”, “people with type AB blood” People with blood type have good immunity”…

So do these claims have any basis? Can blood type really predict a person’s health? Today Xiaojiu will give you a detailed explanation.

1. People with AB blood type have faster brain aging? Is there any scientific evidence?

There are many studies on blood types. A study published in “JAMA Neurology” in the Journal of the American Medical Association analyzed blood types and brain aging. The results found that the probability of thinking and memory problems with AB blood type than that of other blood types is 82% higher . have more gray matter in their People with type O blood brains. The more gray matter, the stronger the neural connections, the better the memory, and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease is relatively low .

While the study suggests blood type may influence the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, it is by no means the determining factor, nor is it the only influence. For example, age, race, family history, cardiovascular disease, brain injury, etc. may increase the risk of dementia.

Moreover, relevant scientists also acknowledged the limitations of the study , such as the sample size of the study being too small, racial and age biases in the population, inconsistent statistical methods, etc., which will cause bias in the data.

Therefore, friends with AB blood type do not need to be too anxious. Simple data alone are not enough to draw a conclusion.

2. Does blood type determine life span? Which blood type is more likely to get cancer?

A team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University conducted a study on the relationship between different blood types and cancer. The study was published in “PLoS One”. The researchers recruited 18,000 volunteers. After 20 years of follow-up, they found that blood types are related to cancer. There is a certain correlation——

that of non-A blood ·The risk of cancer for type A blood is 1.12 times

People with type B blood have a relatively lower risk of cancer

·AB blood type has the highest risk of liver cancer , and men have a higher risk of cancer.

risk of cancer than non-O blood Type O blood has a 16% lower

But why does blood type affect cancer rates? At present, the scientific community has not yet reached a definite conclusion, but the industry has three speculations about this:

One is related to blood type A. The A antigen carried by type A blood is similar to the tumor surface antigen, which will weaken the immune recognition function;

Second, type A blood can easily affect the adhesion process of inflammatory factors , weaken the clearance of inflammatory factors, and promote tumor occurrence;

Third, A antigen can indirectly cause abnormal cell production and apoptosis and increase the risk of cancer.

As to whether there is a connection between blood type and longevity, many studies and surveys have been conducted around the world, and different conclusions have been reached, but there is still a lot of controversy. From the current point of view, blood type is not the fundamental reason for longevity . People’s life span is also affected by genes, environment, living habits, health status, etc. The relationship between blood type and life span needs more research to confirm.


3. How much do you know about these cold facts about blood types?

There are many rumors about blood types, especially these points, which are often misunderstood.

1. Is the bloody identification in the TV series really reliable?

I can tell you clearly that there is no scientific basis for the method of identifying relatives by shedding blood in film and television works. Blood is relatively sensitive to the external environment. From a physical point of view, even blood droplets can dissolve in water. The blood test believes that the fusion of blood means there is a blood relationship, but the same blood type may also fuse, which does not prove that they are a family.

2. Do mosquitoes really prefer type O blood?

Indeed, some studies have found that mosquitoes have a preference for certain blood types. Some studies have found that Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus are more likely to land on people with type O blood. But that doesn’t mean that all mosquitoes like type O blood.

We must know that there are many kinds of mosquitoes, different types, different populations, different regions, and there may even be differences between wild mosquitoes and laboratory mosquitoes. We cannot generalize based on partial research. In addition, in other studies, mosquitoes also have a “preference” for type B blood.

3. Is “panda blood” the rarest blood type?

The RhNULL blood type is known as the golden blood type. The probability in the population is one in six million. Since the blood type was discovered, there are less than 50 cases in the world and only 4 cases in China. Therefore, this blood type is also called “Panda Blood”.

The reason why the RhNULL blood type is called golden blood is because it has great life-saving ability and can be used to transfuse blood to people of any blood type. It can be called “one blood with multiple uses” , but it can only be transfused with Rhnull type blood. It is precisely for this reason that Rhnull blood type will be highly valued, and RhNULL blood type will generally not be used except in extreme circumstances.

There are still many unsolved mysteries about blood types. But if you are judged to have a cancer constitution or a low IQ just because of a certain blood type, it would be a bit blind.

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