Best treatment options for nasal polyps


There is generally no best treatment plan. The treatment of nasal polyps requires appropriate treatment according to the patient’s specific conditions. Generally speaking, the treatment options for nasal polyps include drug treatment and surgical treatment.

1. Drug therapy: Drug therapy is the preferred method for treating nasal polyps. It mainly uses drugs to reduce symptoms, shrink polyps, and control their growth. Commonly used medications include topical sprays, nasal drops, or nasal ointments. Topical sprays can lubricate the nasal cavity, relieve nasal congestion, and reduce inflammatory reactions; nasal drops mainly include anti-allergic drugs, which can reduce allergic reactions and reduce the size of polyps; nasal ointments generally contain anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, sterilizing and other ingredients , can reduce inflammation and improve symptoms. However, the effect of drug treatment has certain limitations. For large and continuously growing nasal polyps, the effect is not good, and surgical treatment needs to be considered.

2. Surgical treatment: Commonly used surgeries include fiber laryngoscope-assisted debridement, endoscopic surgery, traditional resection, etc. Fiberoptic laryngoscope-assisted removal is suitable for smaller nasal polyps. Polyps in the nasal cavity are removed through surgical instruments guided by fiberoptic laryngoscope. Endoscopic surgery is currently the most commonly used nasal polyp surgery and can accurately display lesions in the nasal cavity. Resection and removal are performed under endoscopic guidance. Traditional resection is generally suitable for larger and more complex nasal polyps. The operation range is wide and the polyps are completely removed, but the trauma is large and the recovery time is relatively long.

During the treatment process, patients need to have regular follow-up visits, pay attention to oral hygiene, avoid factors such as allergies, and actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment requirements in order to achieve better results.

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