Stanford neuroscientists experience the black technology of reversing aging, LAIFE brings a new wave of aging intervention


With the rapid development of information technology today, we have a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life. With the significant improvement of material living standards, people’s pursuit of health and longevity is becoming stronger and stronger, and the exploration of the limits of life has become particularly critical.

Andrew Huberman, a neurobiologist at Stanford University, is one of the pioneers of this exploration. On the social media of his 4.25 million followers, Professor Huberman shared a large number of knowledge and practical videos on aging interventions, which attracted widespread attention.


In 2021, Professor Huberman posted a video on aging intervention on social platforms for the first time, revealing that his sister is using this technology and has achieved remarkable results, and her physical condition is significantly better than in the past. This personal experience strongly confirms the effectiveness of aging intervention techniques. Inspired by this, Professor Huberman also decided to start trying to take inhibitors of aging to extend his healthy life span and commit to more meaningful research.

After the release of this news, more and more people have paid attention to Professor Huberman and are full of expectations for his use. In October 2022, Professor Huberman shared his feelings after using aging inhibitors for half a year. He obviously felt the increase in energy in his body and the acceleration of hair growth, although his appetite was reduced. After a period of persistent use, his physical recovery speed accelerated, and he could recover quickly even after vigorous exercise.

In order to further verify the effect, he also conducted a controlled experiment. After suspending the use, he found that the growth rate of hair and nails slowed significantly. The results of this experiment made him more convinced of the powerful effects of aging inhibitors, and decided to persist in using them for a long time. Aging inhibitors rekindled his vitality for more than half a hundred years.


With the increase of Professor Huberman’s influence, more and more people have become interested in aging inhibitors, hoping to delay aging through this technology and enjoy a longer healthy life.

The key to the effectiveness of aging inhibitors lies in their main component NMN.

NMN participates in the synthesis of NAD+ in the cell, which is an extremely critical coenzyme in the human body, involving more than a thousand biocatalytic reactions. With age, the level of NAD+ in the human body gradually decreases. The decrease of NAD+ leads to cell damage, and the body will experience degenerative symptoms, such as muscle degeneration, deep pigmentation, and hair loss. This is what we call “aging” in the traditional sense.


In recent years, many biological experiments have proved that NMN has the effect of anti-aging. In 2013, professor D id of Harvard Medical School. Sinclair published a paper in “Cell” confirming that NMN supplementation can reverse key biochemical indicators related to mitochondrial function and muscle function in mice. This study confirmed that NMN supplementation can delay some physiological changes related to aging. Through some subsequent clinical trials, it has also been proved that aging inhibition products containing NMN can intervene in human aging and effectively delay the aging process of the human body.


However, it is worth noting that not all anti-aging products containing NMN have an effect. There are currently many single-ingredient NMN products on the market that will appear in a “failed” state after taking them for a period of time. This is because the NAD+ salvage pathway cycle has not been completed on the compound of ingredients. Cycle,Leads to a decrease in methyl levels in cells. This will not only inhibit the activity of SIRT (cell regulatory and anti-aging factor) and PARP (cell and DNA damage repair enzyme), but may even lead to an increased metabolic burden on the liver and kidney, and the anti-aging effect is greatly reduced.


Therefore, it is essential to choose high-quality anti-aging products. At present, the LAIFE brand, with AI pharmaceutical technology as the core, is the most prominent in the composition compounding of NMN products. It originated from the Harvard University laboratory and has been widely praised at home and abroad for its innovation and effectiveness. LAIFE brings together many top scientists, including George Church, a fellow of the Three Academies of the United States, and Vadim Gladyshev, Director of the Genome Research Center of Harvard Medical School. Their deep professional knowledge and innovative ideas provide a solid support for the scientific nature and effectiveness of the product. Support.


Through the AI pharmaceutical platform independently developed by LAIFE, LAIFE has launched an NMN complex product-LAIFE Leyuetai. Experiments have confirmed that LAIFE optimizes the crystal form of NMN components through a unique AI pharmaceutical platform, so that the NMN is as high as 99.97%, which is 1.8 times that of similar products, making absorption more comprehensive and simpler!


LAIFE is not only rich in NMN, it also includes a variety of nutrients, such as trans resveratrol, dihydromyricetin, astaxanthin, etc. These ingredients can effectively neutralize free radicals. It not only has a powerful antioxidant effect, but also activates transferases to speed up the metabolism in the cell, which is more conducive to the absorption of NMN.


Anti-aging is no longer a patent of scientists. With the development of science and technology, ordinary people can also embark on the right path of aging intervention. With the help of effective anti-aging products such as LAIFE, we can delay the aging process, enjoy more healthy time, and create more value and MEANING in OUR limited LIVES.

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