Sirnaomics announced a research report on the new mechanism of action of the RNAi anti-cancer therapy drug STP707 for the treatment of solid tumors. . .


This research was published in “Nucleic Acid Research Cancer”, a cutting-edge peer-reviewed journal in the field of nucleic acid therapy.

Hong Kong, Germantown, Maryland, and Suzhou, China , January 24, 2024 /Prnewswire/– Sirnaomics Ltd. ( Company , stock code: 2257, together with its subsidiaries, collectively referred to as the ” Group or Sirnaomics ), an industry-leading biopharmaceutical company focused on the exploration and development of RNAi therapies, published an article in the international academic journal “Cancer Nucleic Acid Research” (NAR Cancer).Research report on the new mechanism of action of STP707, a candidate for RNAi anti-cancer therapy. STP707 is a polypeptide nano-particle (PNP) preparation, which consists of two active siRNA (small interfering RNA) inhibitors targeting TGF-β1 and COX-2, respectively. It is suitable for intravenous therapy of solid tumors. This paper provides empirical support for the company’s ongoing clinical research, and also provides a solid basis for the combination therapy of STP707 and immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Published this time “Based on TGFß and COX2 siRNA delivery to promote T cell penetration and tumor inhibition, HCC improves response to immune checkpoint inhibitors” demonstrates the mechanism of PNP delivery of siRNA to multiple cell types in the liver in addition to liver cells, and proves that the siRNA delivered by STP707 to tumor cells can simultaneously target TGF-β1 and COX.-2. Systemic administration of PNP loaded with dual-targeted siRNAs (2mg/kg) in mice carrying hepatocellular carcinoma in situ (HCC) tumors can inhibit tumor growth to undetectable levels. A study of the combination therapy of low-dose siRNA (1mg/kg) and PD-L1 monoclonal antibody showed that siRNAs has an additional effect on inhibiting tumor growth and can further increase the infiltration of CD4+ and CD8+T cells into the tumor microenvironment. The above research results provide a scientific basis for further exploring the use of STP707 to treat HCC and other solid tumors.

Dr. Lu Yang, founder, chairman of the board, executive director, president and CEO of Sirnaomics, said: Through the publication of Sirnaomics’ groundbreaking research results in cancer RNAi therapy in cutting-edge peer-reviewed journals in the field of nucleic acid therapy, it provides a strong scientific basis for the research and development of STP707. The new mechanism of action of dual-targeting TGF-β1 and COX-2 siRNAs to enhance anti-tumor immunogenicity described in the paper provides a further scientific basis for the recent success of the phase I clinical study of STP707. STP707 can be used alone or in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors.

SirnaomicsDr. David Evans, executive director and head of drug development and collaboration at Sirnaomics, corresponding author of this paper, David Evans博士said: “The findings of this study show for the first time that silencing TGF-β1 and COX-2 in the tumor microenvironment at the same time can enhance the antitumor activity of activated CD4+ and CD8+T cells through recruitment.. If immune checkpoint inhibitors are added to STP707, tumor inhibition may be further enhanced.

About Sirnaomics Ltd. ( Stock Code : 2257)
Sirnaomics is an RNA therapy biopharmaceutical company. The company’s candidate products are in the clinical and preclinical stages, focusing on the exploration and development of innovative drugs for the treatment of indications with medical needs and huge market opportunities. Sirnaomics is the first clinical-stage RNA therapy biopharmaceutical company with important market positions in Asia and the United States. With its proprietary delivery technology: polypeptide nano-particle delivery platform and second-generation GalNAc coupling delivery platform, the group has established a very rich pipeline of drug candidates. With the success of the company’s STP705 and STP707 clinical projects, Sirnaomics is currently in an international leading position in advancing RNAi drugs for tumor treatment. STP122G is the first GalAhead™ technology drug candidate to enter the clinical development stage. With the establishment of Sirnaomics clinical production facilities, the group is currently making a leap from a biotechnology company to a biopharmaceutical company.

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